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31 July 2023 – 0:00

Happy hour drinks, dynamics with astrologer Titi Vidal, career coaching with entrepreneurs of different profiles, food tastings, museum of vibrators and recording of top videotapes. To finish, all the guests got a vibrator as a toast. With this basic programming, Universa Talks reached its seventh edition at the end of June, highlighting the theme “passions”. A multi-platform project by Universa, a UOL company aimed at women, the event took place at the Pocket House, in the West Zone of São Paulo, and brought together around 300 guests — creators, influencers, business decision makers, sponsors’ contractors of the channel. and fans.

The experience was reinforced as an opportunity for brands looking to connect with modern women’s guidelines. The delivery consisted of a complete project, with a complete event, activations, content, media and technology.

The seventh edition of Universa Talks brought together around 300 guests, including influencers and business decision makers

The seventh edition of Universa Talks brought together around 300 guests, including influencers and business decision makers

UOL divisions such as Universa and VivaBem — which focus on health and wellness — are accompanying advertisers’ desire to co-create with publishers, says Karen Cunsolo, general manager of content for the vehicle’s brands. “It is very possible to participate in a brand with our team. We are a premium and secure publisher. We know what’s current and hot, which means we have credibility and journalistic rigour,” says the professional.

In June, during Universa Talks, brands were able to connect with contemporary women's issues

In June, during Universa Talks, brands were able to connect with contemporary women’s issues

The opinion of brands
Universa Talks event sponsors value discussions related to target audience and alignment of purpose

“It’s very important to have these moments to talk about the female universe and all its power, without any kind of chain or prey of the taboos of the past. The Universa Talks event is fully aligned with the purpose of the Gino-Canesten brand, to break taboos in intimate healthcare and empower people through knowledge. In addition to making solutions available on pharmacy shelves, we bring relevant information from this health universe to people with a trick so that they become more aware of their bodies and, with it, encourage self-care and better care of their own intimate health ».
Jessica Pacheco Cantonbrand manager at Gino-Canesten & Canesten Brasil

“For Eudora, it is necessary to be present at an event that speaks to modern women and touches on many relevant topics for the female universe. We believe in female vulnerability as a unique source of strength, and we see Universa Talks as an opportunity to connect the brand to the various conversations that materialize that conversation.”
Rachel Abdullahsenior director of branding and communications at Eudora

It was a pleasure to support Universa Talks, which engages a dialogue with the female audience and is very important in furthering our conversations with our audience. In this edition, we had the presence of Tati Bernardi, who gave her testimony saying how she relates to allergies and as a consumer of Allegra. It’s great to see that the brand is really empowering people to live their best lives.”
Marilia ZanoliDirector of Consumer Healthcare Marketing at Sanofi

Wow in numbers

Groups specialized in areas and causes
Each industry has its own curators, a group specializing in areas and causes that may be of interest to different segments of advertisers. At events, the idea is to bring together creators, influencers, celebrities and in-house talent to synthesize the drive lines of the project and echo the voices of sponsors.

Actress Fernanda Nobre participated in the live recording of the Sexoterapia podcast

Actress Fernanda Nobre participated in the live recording of the Sexoterapia podcast

The results go beyond co-creation, adds Carolina Braga, head of programming and information. “Brands can trust us. We know how to produce that content, we have that expertise. And what we sell is reliable,” he says, citing the example of Allegra, a drug from the French company Sanofi. “Pharmaceutical brands have strict dos and don’ts to follow. The client’s brief called for edutainment: mixing education with entertainment. So we included writer and screenwriter Tati Bernardi, one of our presenters, who did a custom action at the last event,” she says.

In addition to Allegra, the seventh edition of Universa Talks was sponsored by Buscofem, Eudora, Gino-Canesten and Intimus. The presence of the brands was hybrid, with on-site and digital activations. Solutions included brand experience, sampling, tasting and a media package to the event content — on demand and on UOL, with headlines on the largest home page in the country.

Model Rita Carreira joined the 'Self Love Talk' panel, from Universa Talks

Model Rita Carreira joined the ‘Self Love Talk’ panel, from Universa Talks

Mapping innovation, trends and topics
Branded content, social commerce content and custom projects were also part of the event’s sponsorship quotas, in addition to social activation with select influencers and creators. Guests at the event included former model and activist Luiza Brunet, top model Rita Carreira and influencers such as Juno Vecchi, Juliana Santana and Marcela McGowan.

Almost three-quarters of Brazilians with internet access (68%) believe that brand sponsors help create positive experiences at events, according to this year’s Live Marketing UOL study. The distribution of gifts and discounts, testing and auxiliary areas are the most popular among the public.

Innovation is another goal that co-creation partnerships can achieve, says Andreia Santamaria, head of advertising at UOL. “We speak to more than 54 million women and have the mapping of the most relevant topics in the segment. For brands that want to stay ahead of the competition for a while, we bring trends,” he explains.

Universa invests in the audiovisual sector and strengthens its focus on entertainment

Goodbye to the “small talk” mode and speeches that resonate only among the callers were some of the changes that Universa UOL promoted in its approaches.

“The vision of feminism we had five years ago has been left behind,” says Andressa Zanandrea, editor-in-chief of vertical and part of the team that turned the former UOL Estilo into Universa, at the turn of 2017 to 2018. For the latest Universa Talks, for example, the group suggested places to share and learn from others, not panels where too few people speak. According to the journalist, the purpose of the channel is to portray today’s woman — or “the woman of an unprecedented era,” as its slogan describes.

“We cannot speak only to converts when 49% of Brazilians do not say they are feminists, although they agree with their ideas. We are a women’s rights authority, but our life is not just a battle,” she points out, adding that lightness, beauty, fun and pleasure are part of the package. We cover entrepreneurship, sex, motherhood, employment and employability, as well as clothing, accessories, makeup,” she says.

This year, the vertical made a major investment in the audiovisual sector and strengthened its focus on entertainment. The premiere of a new program, which will be presented by the actress Maria Ribeiro, is in the implementation phase. “It was a shift in focus, because we realized there was a transformation in information consumption,” he explains.

Reaching the female audience from 18 to 54, Universa obviously benefits from UOL’s huge audience, but has its own reach on YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms. “When Luana Piovani does an interview on one of our shows and it goes viral on the networks, we break the UOL bubble and start talking to other people,” he says.

Andressa Zanandrea recalls that the vertical has already highlighted issues such as female empowerment and gender inclusion, at a time when few Brazilian vehicles thought about these issues. Another important editorial pillar is the segmented service for readers and followers – how to report harassment.

“We’re always looking at who’s making a difference: black and trans women. For us, all this is natural,” says the editor. With this expertise, co-creation with advertisers and sponsors gains other levels. “We know what a brand should avoid when campaigning for feminism, to avoid falling into lacrolandia,” she says.

Liquid content to spray on social
The largest digital content publisher in Brazil, UOL has an 82% share among Brazil’s connected population, according to Comscore.

For the Universa event in June, there was a revamp of the format. The 20-minute talks replaced the old panels, which were passively watched by the audience. They were interspersed with the recording of the top programs of the audience, in a live version: Sorry Something, a videotape of interviews presented by the author Tati Bernardi. Unfiltered, discussing current affairs, with journalists Cris Guterres and Camila Brandalise. and Sexotherapy, which discusses sex, with psychologist Ana Canosa and journalist Bárbara dos Anjos Lima.

Created to be consumed on social media, the content followed the production logic adopted by the vertical itself. “What we did was to fragment the whole. Broadcasting an entire event live is very pandemic,” compares Carolina Braga.

The speech was renewed. Knowledge sharing and intelligent discussions remained the focus, but began to share space with pleasure, fun and celebration — which is in line with the channel’s new editorial tone.

Events focus on multi-platform format
Advertiser audience segmentation permeates other UOL branches such as VivaBem, Nossa and Splash

In addition to Universa, UOL has divisions such as VivaBem (health and wellness), Nossa (lifestyle) and Splash (entertainment) for audience segmentation by advertisers. In the form of content produced, most of them – but also segments such as Sports – shifted towards video and live broadcasts.

The physical events of verticals are a resource for brands to speak directly to their audience in multi-platform projects, says Felipe Maia, head of advertising for the vehicle. “Brands can resonate their message, with several developments in the networks. On the social side, we sprinkled deliveries into editorial profiles, sponsor creators and in-house talent,” explains the executive.

VivaBem in your Time, a wellness, longevity and health event by VivaBem, is planned for the second half of this year. Anchored in the entertainment industry, CarnaUOL will take place in early 2024.

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