5 things that can be turned into furniture and decoration

restore old furniture it allows you to give wings to creativity and imagination in its creation unique piecesbringing an original and personalized touch to decorating environments, in addition to a more sustainable alternative.

Below, Adele Fazioli, his partner Old Atelier Archhe listed some elements that can take on new meaning and gives advice on how to use them:

1. Window sheet

refurbished sash window

refurbished sash window

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It may seem unlikely, but a window leafafter proper restoration it can be converted into a amazing hanging mirror.

Room with glass – Você Renova Program

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“I narrowed down some windows that I thought would be beautiful and turned them into something that could be useful in any home, without losing originality.” says Adele.

Glass surround

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That said, it doesn’t take much to make the environment incredible with a piece like this, which took on a super new meaning after the restoration. In the program, the piece was an entrance that gave the setting a very special charm.

The mirror hanger can also bring a lot of elegance to settings such as living room or dining room.

2. Gate or window grill

Mesh as a headboard

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“I’m particularly fond of railings and the more rococo and detailed they are, the more successful they are,” comments Adele.

Environment with grid as separator

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what it used to be Gates and window bars can become headboards, room dividers and even coffee tables. There are many pieces and objects that grids can transform, just be inspired and creative.

“I don’t have any railing projects of my own, so I singled out two room options as a reference to show how versatile large ones can be when decorating.”

3. Antique armchairs and chairs

Antique Patchwork Print Armchair

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“This armchair was mined by us at Casas André Luiz. At the Ateliê, We replaced all the wallpaper and restored the structural part of the wood. The fabrics, a colorful patchwork, were selected by hand, with absolute freedom in the prints, to bring to any environment, apart from a unique piece, a lot of joy and personality”.

Environment with restored chair.

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It may seem like a simple detail, but restored chairs and armchairs, apart from being unique pieces, are also functional, as they are not just decorative items.

In this living room, for example, the chair complements all the retro decor of the room.

4. Stained glass and iron windows

Stained glass environment.

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Iron and stained glass windows with old glass they bring a lot of charm, joy and warmth to environments when installed in new locations.

“Stained glass is timeless, as it was used a lot in the past and is now being used in specific areas of the home, it brings an air of fun and makes all the difference to the decor,” explains Adele.

Stained glass environment.

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to be a eclectic piece, stained glass can be applied in any environment, be it in the kitchen, bathroom or even outdoors. After all, it is possible to find stained glass in the most varied styles and colors to leave your home with your face.

5. Doors

Environment with restored door

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In addition to restoring old furniture and giving it a new look, it is possible, through demolition materials, to create something completely new and of excellent quality, guaranteeing durability and a long life for the piece.

Door with demolition material – Riga Pine.

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“This door is an example of the use of demolition material, meaning it did not exist. We use hardwood, produced entirely from Riga pine, it has beautiful balustrades, leaf detailing, grain patterns, same wood appliqué and, of course, lots of charm.”

Environment with restored door

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Doors can fulfill their real function, giving a unique touch to the entrances of houses or environments, but it is also possible to use them in other ways.

“It’s not just about transforming pieces that already exist and giving them a new meaning, it’s also about creating new pieces from these materials,” concludes Adele.

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