Xbox Game Pass has queues of up to 1 hour in the cloud. see the reason

THE Xbox Game Pass It is, without a doubt, one hell of a product. By paying a relatively cheap monthly fee, you have access to an extensive catalog of games that you can play on Xbox One, Series X|S, PC and even mobile devices using xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming technology. However, in recent weeks, players have been pointing out a Significant increase in the waiting time for playing any title through the cloud.

In various posts on forums and social networks, users of the service have reported queues of up to an hour to finally start playing via the Internet, whether on mobile phones, tablets, computers or consoles. And there are already people pointing fingers GTA V and FIFA 23 as possible “culprits” for the very high wait times.

Players report long queues to play via xCLoud

If you’ve ever used Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, you probably already know that you have to wait a few minutes to start playing. This is because, after choosing the title, it is necessary to wait for a vacancy on the servers Xboxwhere the games are installed.

With xCloud it is possible to play Game Pass titles even on mobile devices such as phones and tabletsWith xCloud it is possible to play Game Pass titles even on mobile devices such as phones and tabletsSource: Xbox/Playback

All processing is done on Microsoft machines, while the work performed by your device is simply to display the game broadcast on the screen. That’s why it’s possible to play current generation titles on mobile phones and even old laptops.

The problem is that several days ago service was very slow when it comes to allocating players to the servers, resulting in queues that can exceed an hour wait.

Gamers blame GTA V for slowing down xCloud

Online, some users who pay to play the service using xCloud on TV or other compatible devices have expressed dissatisfaction with the situation. Some are already blaming the recent addition of the extremely popular Grand Theft Auto V as a possible culprit for the long queues.

GTA V in the Game Pass catalog is listed as a possible culprit for long xCloud queuesGTA V in the Game Pass catalog is listed as a possible culprit for long xCloud queuesSource: Rockstar Games/Disclosure

The game is available in both an Xbox One version and a newer version enhanced for the more powerful Xbox Series X|S. The release of such a popular game may have affected the serviceas there is potential for more people to access Game Pass through the cloud to play GTA V.

Additionally, FIFA 23, a very popular game in Brazil, has also recently arrived on the cloud service. The “meeting of the titans” on the platform ended up attracting the attention of the players in the queues. Although, the culprit could be someone else: Bing.

Artificial intelligence could be the cause of Game Pass queues

Although it has a respectable installation, supporting millions and millions of concurrent accesses, Even Microsoft’s high-capacity servers have limitations. It was already relatively common to wait a while to play through the cloud, but now that the company has bet integration of ChatGPT com or Bingits search platform, things seem to have gotten worse.

Bing, Microsoft's search engine, could be the villain behind Game Pass queuesBing, Microsoft’s search engine, could be the villain behind Game Pass queuesSource: Getty Images

According to his research Windows Central, this integration seems to use the same xcloud servers. In theory, when free virtual machines are available, Microsoft will dedicate those free slots to boost work involving the use of artificial intelligence in its search engine. Like this, mSpaces that would have previously been dedicated to accessing the Xbox Game Pass library will now be used by Bing.

The site suggests that, to resolve the situation, Microsoft needs to rethink its resource allocation. In Xbox Game Pass, the company has millions of users who pay and try to access games through the cloud. On the other hand, Bing’s innovative integration with ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way search results are delivered to users.

In any case, while no action is taken, Players still have to wait in long queues to play some of your favorite titles from the Game Pass catalog via the cloud.

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