Expanded! Join Clube Smiles Plan 1,000 today and earn 16,000 miles in 6 months – First Class Passenger

Expanded! ONE Smiles extended a great opportunity for those who want to join Clube Smiles during Orange Week. In the campaign, those who join the 1,000 Program receive 6,000 program miles + 10,000 bonus miles over six months, earning CPM [custo para cada mil milhas] BRL 15.75. The offer is now valid until 10am on Monday (7).

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Join Club 1,000 and get:
Month no. 1: 1,000 miles + 8,000 bonus miles
Month no. 2: 1,000 miles + 2,000 bonus miles
Month no. 3: 1,000 miles
Month no. 4: 1,000 miles
Month no. 5: 1,000 miles
Month no. 6: 1,000 miles

Over 6 months:
Plan Miles: 6,000
Bonus Miles: 10,000
Total Accumulation: 16,000

Cost per thousand miles

The Smiles 1,000 Club costs BRL 42 per month – so the investment for 6 months will be BRL 252.00 to accumulate 16,000 miles. The CPM (cost per thousand miles) will therefore start at R$15.75.

Smile Club

Smiles Club is a membership package offered by Smiles that helps maximize the accumulation of miles in the program. Through Clube Smiles, you receive a monthly amount of miles, according to the selected program. Find out some of the benefits of the club below.

Transfer of grades with different conditions

Smiles offers special terms for transferring credit card points to Smiles Club members. In the example below, Clube Smiles subscribers earn a 100% bonus, while other participants earn 40%.

Redeem tickets with exclusive discounts

In addition to accumulation features, Smiles offers club members exclusive discounts when redeeming tickets. In the example below, Clube Smiles subscribers pay 5,200 miles for the segment, while other members pay 8,000 miles for the segment.

Smiles Club also offers benefits such as the Family Account, ticket booking up to 72 hours, my VIP bonus, qualifying miles and more.

Important information

  • The campaign is valid until 10am on Monday (7).
  • Offer valid for Smiles Club Plan 1,000 members only.
  • It is necessary to stay on Clube Smiles 1,000 to 10,000 plans for at least 6 months.
  • Membership must be completed on this page to be eligible for this bonus.


This is a great opportunity for anyone thinking of joining the Smiles Club! Through this, you have the ability to pay only R$15.75 in CPM [custo para cada mil milhas] of the program, which is normally not possible to reach this amount even with the best subsidized bank transfer offers.

Plus, you earn 12,000 miles in just two months of recruitment or 16,000 miles in 6 months, which can help you redeem as much as you want or then pay off a future Viaje Fácil.

Thinking of taking advantage? To sign in, click here. We remind you that the offer is now valid until 10 pm on Monday (7).

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Smile Club

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