The oldest street in Brazil opens an architecture and decoration exhibition this Tuesday – Glamorama

The oldest street in Brazil, Salvador, was the address chosen to host the 5th edition of Mostra Casas Escolha, an event of traditional architecture and decoration, which opens this Tuesday (1st).

With the theme Memories, the exhibition appreciates this historic site, turning the Palacete da Rua Chile into a hub of trends in the sector.

Dell Anno participates with three environments, sometimes exuberant, sometimes intimate, that bring architectural references from the 1930s to the signature living room of the Daniela Lopes Interior Design office. natural and organic elements in the kitchen at Marlon Gama Arquitetura e Ambientação and touches of Brazilian flair in the bedroom by Fernanda Milcent and Bruna Milcent.

Palace on Chilis Street

For the living room of the mansion, on the first floor of the building, the designer Daniela Lopes wanted to represent the iconic faces and personalities of the 1930s, through designs and references of the time.

“The renovated classic style, all natural wood and majestic columns, evokes the opulence and elegance of the era,” emphasizes the designer. The effect is achieved through panels, slats and shelves with Hygge finish by Dell Anno, a classic and elegant wood design.

The Palacete has a lounge, dining room and bar integrated into an area of ​​80m². The high ceiling helps to give the environment even more opulence, with the finish protruding from the ceiling.

The space is mainly beige, with details in off-white and chocolate tones. Cushions and boisieres bring coziness and unity to the space. The furniture consists of furniture by Brazilian designers, as well as works of art, photographs, canvases and sculptures, all signed by national artists.


The kitchen designed by Marlon Gama combines elements of rustic architecture and organic forms with industrial elements and the contemporary look of black. To achieve this effect, the Baden finish, an almost black wood tone from Dell Anno, is used together with Lacca Brilho.

“This space was designed to welcome star chefs and all those people who have the gift of transforming food into art. A gourmet in his own right

the essence is a combination of styles, as if mixing different exotic spices in the same recipe”, captures the architect.

Curved finials, hinged doors and drawers made with bisotê contrast with the crockery decoration on the exposed brick wall and give a touch of modernity and practicality to the environment.

“The different elements together characterize a space free from architectural judgments, where the intention is to awaken different emotions, like when you enjoy a feast of innovations,” he adds.

Memoirs of a Traveller

“Destination is not just a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Based on the words of the writer Henry Miller, the office Milcent Arquitetura proposed a room full of memories and references to places, people, emotions, cultures and experiences, linked to elements of Brazilian nature.

In addition to being a bedroom, it is a living area where you can admire the view of Todos os Santos Bay, drink tea and read a good book.

With many natural elements, wooden ones are privileged. The bed is “huged” by an arch in natural Freijó Matte Dell Anno Laminate, the same light tone used in the TV panel. The contrast is in the wardrobe, in gray and black: inner box in Ivory and bottom and drawers in Tresset Noir, a reinterpretation of the braided leather developed by Dell Anno.

“It’s a room designed to protect intimacy. The architecture appears fluid and continuous between spaces, like a sequence in motion. The functionality present in every corner forms a coherent whole, where the furniture, also with organic shades, compose a welcoming and refined atmosphere”, point out the architects.


V Shows Concept Houses
Where: Rua Chile, 17, Centro – Salvador/BA
Visit: From 1 August to 1 October, Tuesday to Saturday, from 16:00 to 22:00 and Sundays, from 13:00 to 19:00

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