REVIEW | The GameSir G7 SE controller is an upgrade to your PC or Xbox experience

GameSir G7 SE
Credits: Wikerson Lacy/Adrenaline

The Chinese brand GameSir has become a benchmark in the manufacture of controllers in general, whether for smartphones, PC or Xbox. With a wide range of products, the company offers from simpler controls, inspired by their original versions, to more complete models with additional features, such as GameSir G7 SE.

Designed for Xbox, the GameSir G7 SE It’s a wired controller that looks a lot like the original sold by Microsoft, but with extra features like two mappable (and lockable if not in use) buttons on the back. Another advantage is the fact that it does not require batteries.

We had the opportunity to test the product, one of the brand’s launches for July 2023, and our impressions of it are what you can see now.

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GameSir G7 SE: what’s in the box?

Available in white, the GameSir G7 SE brings in the box, in addition to the controller, a USB-C type cable with 3 meters, with cable finish; manual; a GameSir sticker and a voucher for one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

GameSir G7 SE
Wikerson Lacy/Adrenaline

Abroad, the product can be found for about US$45 and on AliExpress the model costs R$233. It is worth remembering that the value is under $50, which is beneficial if you buy the product already under the new shipping rules for Brazil.

Speaking of the controller itself, we have some news about it GameSir G7. The main one is the L4/R4 buttons, located on the back of the controller. An interesting detail is that both can be locked individually, thus avoiding accidental clicks.

In addition, GameSir also highlights that the controller uses a new vibration engine, which results in a more pleasant tactile sensation. The chip that equips the controller is proprietary, with the aim of reducing the effects of drift. Another detail worth mentioning is that there is a kind of texture on the LT/LB and RT/RB triggers, which makes the grip more precise.

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s possible to change the look of the controller thanks to faceplates sold separately. They can be magnetically added to the controller, allowing for extensive customization throughout the life of the product.

GameSir G7 SE
Wikerson Lacy/Adrenaline

It’s impossible not to notice the similarity between the original Xbox controller and the GameSir G7 SE. Visually, both have the same contours and grip areas. However, the GameSir model conveys the feeling of being lighter. To give you an idea, the original Xbox controller without batteries weighs 243 grams. The GameSir model weighs 225 grams.

GameSir G7 SE x Controle Microsoft Xbox
GameSir G7 SE Controller (top) x Microsoft Xbox Controller (bottom)

At the front, what catches the eye is the directional pad, part of which is in the shape of a cross, while in the original it is a circle reflected on the diagonals. This format ensures a little more precision in the strokes, since there is less risk of mistakes being made in commands entered on the diagonals.

Another feature is the multi-function M button. It allows the user to make quick adjustments to specific functions. For example, pressing M + up/down directional pad is to increase the volume. Or, by combining M + L4/R4 (the buttons on the back) you can map additional functions, expanding the possibilities of use.

I also like the look of the XYBA buds, which feel taller and sturdier. On the original Xbox controller, the click is smoother, almost like the button sinks, while here the click feel is more pronounced.

GameSir Nexus Software: Making a difference

For those who are going to play on PC, GameSir Nexus software is available for download. It allows customization of a number of elements, including buttons, controls, triggers and shocks. In addition, it is possible to define multiple user profiles, which makes it easier to share the control with other people – without compromising your experience.

It is possible to adjust, among other aspects, joystick sensitivity levels, motor vibration intensity, in addition to renaming buttons or reassigning standard functions to other commands. It’s worth remembering that this is a permanent configuration, not a game-by-game one. However, it is possible to create control profiles for each game.

The shock controls are also individual. That is, you can have different intensities on the left and right sides, for example, or even disable them completely if you find it convenient.

Personally, I really like the possibility of a software function like this. I already had the opportunity to try it on GameSir G7 and the result here is exactly the same. For more perfectionist users, being able to configure every detail of how the control works is a real treat.

Gaming experience: Does the GameSir G7 SE make a difference?

THE GameSir G7 SE it can be considered a capable controller for use in any game available in your library. In a broader sense, it’s just as effective a controller as the Xbox One, which in itself already makes it an alternative purchase – and, it’s worth remembering, that through the introduction the GameSir model costs less.

Offering more features, the GameSir G7 SE it excels in games where there is a wider range of possible commands, such as FPS, RPG and racing games. In Forza Horizon 5for example, I felt a difference in the gameplay, having the impression that some command changes became more accurate.

Already inside Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for example, having extra buttons where I could configure additional functions, such as the grenade, became a very nice function. I admit I’m not used to using it intuitively, but I recognize that the option can make things easier in some games.

Overall, what caught my attention the most was the lightness of the GameSir’s controller compared to the original battery-powered model. That extra convenience, of course, comes at a price that may be bothersome to some: the cable.

even though the GameSir G7 SE they offer a 3m cable, which should be enough for the vast majority of gamers, I admit I’m not a big fan of cables. As I play close to the PC (I’m using a gaming laptop with an additional display), it hasn’t been a nuisance from a distance, but this might be a warning point for some home setups where the player is a bit further away from the PC/console.

GameSir G7 SE: technical data sheet

  • Compatibility: PC (Windows 10 e 11), Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Xbox One
  • Connection type: wired (USB-C), 3m cable included
  • Headphone Jack: Yes (3.5mm)
  • Membrane type ABXY buttons
  • Joysticks with Hall effect
  • Analog triggers with magnetic sensors and Hall Effect
  • 4 vibration motors
  • 2 mappable (lockable) buttons on the back
  • Extras: microphone on/off button. customization software
  • Dimensions: 152x103x63 mm
  • Weight: 223 grams

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Worth it?

honestly, the GameSir G7 SE it gave me a gaming experience at least as good as the original controller. And more: software customization resources, at least for PC gamers, really make a difference. Not to mention the extra buttons, the usefulness of which is undeniable.

If we consider that, in general, it is possible to buy it GameSir G7 SE paying less than you’d pay for an original Xbox controller, so I’d have no doubt here: for the Xbox I’d go from GameSir G7 SE without thinking twice. In the case of PC the advantage is even greater and I consider the Chinese control much more advantageous than the original Microsoft.


Additional mappable L4/R4 buttons on the back

L4/R4 button lock option

Durable and long USB-C cable

Computer customization software

Lighter than the original Microsoft controller

On the contrary

Wired use only

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