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Customer Experience, Data Driven, Brand, CRM. For those living in the Marketing world, these terms are nothing new. On the other hand, the urgency described by the need to make the connection between these and other Marketing disciplines work is, for many professionals, a still recent perception, caused mainly by the dynamics of the current era.

Dictating significant changes in the market, especially in consumer behavior, the post-pandemic era imposes unprecedented challenges on brands and companies. In this scenario, the ability to adapt to a world of new demands and technologies becomes, increasingly, a difference for survival.

In order to demystify the recent directions taken by the region, Clube Mundo do Marketing discussed the main characteristics of modern marketing in a SuperLive featuring Júlia Chagas, Director of Marketing and Learning Experience at Alura, Carol Nucci, Partner and CMO from Weme , Antonio Augusto, Marketing Director at Localiza.

Check out some of the main ideas of SuperLive:

Fluid like liquid

In the dictionary, the adjective “fluid” describes an agent that navigates the environment easily, spontaneously. One of the main characteristics of Modern Marketing, fluidity affects both the structural form of the area and the strategies developed for it.

In recent years, the feature has become a necessity and has shaped the most significant changes in marketing planning guidelines. “Sometimes organizations grow to the point where they become too rigid. For marketing, this is very harmful. Rigid procedures do not allow openness to new developments. As such, fluidity allows operations to stay on top of current changes and allows assumptions and variables to be controlled and measured effectively,” Carol points out.

This means that although the effective practices and concepts of ten years ago do not hold the power of the past today, they are still an important part of the know-how that makes up the category’s current identity. “Marketing is only as fluid as the consumer it aims to reach. This fluidity means that there is no model based on a complete break with past practices,” reflects Antonio Augusto.

Modern marketing stars

After all, where to look and where to start walking in a world full of possibilities? In the age of technology, the answer lies in the resources that facilitate access to information. “Having a vision based on data analysis is almost mandatory. It is important to know how to analyze what the data is saying and how it interacts with and supports business, product and development decisions, including programming. This change is much clearer today, and this has intensified in the post-pandemic period, due to the accelerated digitization process,” explains Julia.

Using data to benefit the existing business makes it possible to target actions and campaigns to the true stars of modern marketing: consumers. “We moved from a product-focused view to a customer-focused view and discovered, through data analysis, that the consumers we previously distinguished as rental car customers or fleet management customers buying used cars are, in fact, the same. They are on different journeys, needing different approaches, with different moments of consumption and therefore needing different products,” says Localiza’s Marketing Director.

In this context, the reality described by customer aggregation actively contributes to the importance of functional integrations between the various disciplines that make up modern Marketing. “The modern professional needs to connect with the domains of data, insights, the whole structure of Marketing, communication, the journey to understand what the customer is saying and connect it to what is developed, communicated and delivered,” concludes Carol.

During the SuperLive, participants discussed other disciplines key to modern Marketing, such as Development, Customer Journey and agile methodologies. The discussion also highlighted the full set of skills that professionals now need to know to ensure a business’s success in the marketplace.

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