Shopee’s strategies for attracting Brazilian sellers

Barbara Sacchiello

August 2, 2023 – 6:20

shopee brazilian sellers

Cauê Oliveira, one of the creators selected by Shopee to advise sellers on the platform (Credit: Reproduction)

Since local businesses opened the market, Shopee has already reached the mark of 3 million registered Brazilian sellers. In addition to attracting these shopkeepers and entrepreneurs, the e-commerce platform is also dedicated to strengthening ties with this community.

A few days ago, the platform started featuring some videos and content, produced by a team of creators and brand partners whose mission is to give advice to digital entrepreneurs.

Helping Brazilian sellers with marketing and sales strategies on the platform is something that was already part of Shopee’s plans. Felipe Lima, responsible for the company’s business development, recalls that, before this new action with digital influences, the platform had already broadcast the Radio Shopee podcast, with various informative contents.


Shopee celebrates three years of Brazilian sellers

In addition to the audio series, Shopee also launched the Start to Sell playlist on YouTube, the proposal of which is to help those who are starting to use the market to sell their products.

“Our commitment is to contribute to local entrepreneurship. This initiative is one of the other actions we aim to bring content that helps them develop and improve sales performance,” Lima explains.

Shopee and strategies with content creators

For this new effort, Shopee chose some of its partners: youtubers Cauê Oliveira and Richard Aragão, in addition to influencers Prisciane Pereira, Thais Minelli and Vitor Foglia.

On their Instagram, TikTok and YouTube profiles, these creators are already sharing tips for sellers using the marketplace.

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To select the team, the executive says Shopee conducted external curation, analyzing different profiles, as well as the content covered and the stores’ performance on the platform. “We selected content creators focused on the Shopee-centric universe of entrepreneurship and online sales who already had relevance and engagement with their followers on different social networks,” it says.

Shopee wants to enhance contact with sellers with Shopee on the Road

In addition to producing content on their social media profiles, influencers will have one more mission: to support Shopee na Estrada.

The program, created this year, aims to promote, in different places in Brazil, meetings to discuss opportunities for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.

At these events, which are face-to-face and free, sellers have the opportunity to connect with experts from various areas of Shopee to answer any questions they may have.

“Participants in the initiative have full access to a variety of content on all solutions available to Shopee sellers, such as marketing tools, tips for increasing visibility using Shopee ads, how to go live in the app with Shopee Live, how generate coupons and optimize performance,” says Lima.

According to the executive, more than a thousand sellers have already been affected by Shopee na Estrada, whose editions have already taken place in São Paulo and Franca (in the state of São Paulo), Rio de Janeiro and Nova Iguaçu (in Rio de Janeiro). , Curitiba and Londrina (in Paraná) and Brusque (Santa Catarina).

By the end of the year, Shopee on the road should pass through Recife, Belo Horizonte, Bahia, São José do Rio Preto and other parts of the country.

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