Furniture adds volume and brings out the industrial aesthetic in an apartment

The living room is the heart of this home and includes a lounge with TV, dining area and a gourmet space with exquisitely designed surrounds. The office Garden Architecture (@hortisarquitetura), managed by Fr Henrique Hortishe chose to group the furniture and unite them visually to give volume to the decoration.

The 186m² apartment, located in the Cidade Jardim area of ​​São Paulo, hosts a couple with two children. The residents wanted an urban and stripped-down location, but full of comfort and design, so they could take advantage of the spaces.

ENTRANCE HALL | While the floor and one of the walls were covered with elastic material, another wall and the ceiling received a mirror. Painting by ARTIMAGE and sculpture by Sui Objects — Photo: Vitor Martins / Disclosure

“The project has urban inspiration and the concept high lowmixing sophisticated materials with low cost, used in a creative way,” explains Henrique. The professional received the property on the plan from the construction company and was able to execute the project more freely.

The entrance already makes an impact on those who enter the apartment. The floor and wall were covered with elastic material and the mirror creates a stunning effect on the environment. A piece of furniture for storing shoes serves as a pedestal for the selected artwork.

SOCIAL SPACE | Even with the volume of furniture, there is good circulation space for residents. Nova Decor sofa and Yamamura lighting — Photo: Vitor Martins / Disclosure

KITCHEN | The environment has a more neutral aesthetic and bursts of color appear on the floor and furniture. Marbles from Marmoraria Personal and metalwork from Serralheria Industrial — Photo: Vitor Martins / Disclosure

In the living room, the volume of the furniture was given by joining the dining table, which continues to the gourmet counter, and the sofa with a multipurpose island. The barbecue stood out as a highlight for the family, who are from Rio Grande do Sul.

The kitchen layout was changed to accommodate the use of spaces in the family’s living space. The counter space was reversed with that of the lunch room, leaving the dining room close to the social space. The focal points of the color appear on the floor and the furniture, while the cabinets and finishes bet on a neutral aesthetic.

KITCHEN | Floor by Portobello and vase by Deisgn Supplier. On the wall, Claudio Souza Pinto’s work brings more color to the kitchen — Photo: Vitor Martins / Disclosure

“For us, a simple space was very important, no ‘frills’, a practical environment to bring friends and family together in an informal and cool way, but, at the same time, we wanted the environment to have an identity and a style that escaped the obvious.The result of this environment connected all these points perfect“, says Bruna, the resident.

One of the main challenges of the project was the integration of the social space. “Our strategy was to simplify the layout of the space, grouping the spaces to guarantee generous square meters, enhancing the sense of spaciousness and freedom in integration,” says Henrique.

SUITE | The double bed was designed exclusively for the environment. The use of mirrors optimizes the space and gives a sense of spaciousness — Photo: Vitor Martins / Disclosure

BATHROOM | The couple’s bathroom has an urban spa vibe with the rustic granite — Photo: Vitor Martins / Disclosure

The son’s suite is red, representing Internacional, the boy’s favorite team. Furniture with industrial and youth inspiration compose the space. In the daughter’s suite, delicacy was realized through the details of the window frames and wallpaper.

The master suite, in turn, is imposing, elegant and exudes an urban essence without sacrificing warmth and comfort. Woodwork provides texture and appears in natural veneer and smooth melamine.

DAUGHTER’S BEDROOM | The details of the frames and upholstery were designed with arches for added warmth — Photo: Vitor Martins / Disclosure

PORTRAIT | Bruna and Francisco pose in the living room next to the plants — Photo: Vitor Martins / Disclosure

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