Flooring for the home: what are the trends for 2023?

THE modern design focuses more and more on creating comfortable and welcoming environments, without losing style and aesthetics. That’s why sir Trends 2023 for floors focus on natural materials, warm colors and attractive textures. Among the most interesting innovations is the wood and natural stone floorswhich feature new finishes and forms that adapt to any setting, whether classic or contemporary.

The most sought after flooring materials

Wood, as we have already seen, is a timeless material and is always valued for its warm and natural beauty. In 2023, the wooden floors they feature new finishes and forms, such as wider planks and geometric patterns, that adapt to both classic and more modern environments.

ONE natural rocksuch as marble, granite and slate, is another famous choice for choosing house floor. These materials offer a wide range of colors and textures, with glossy or matte finishes that enhance their unique veins and tones. Durability and durability are additional advantages of natural stone floors, ideal for elegant and luxurious environments.

THE porcelain dishes remains a versatile high-performance option thanks to its resistance to wear, water and stains. This material is perfect for anyone looking for an economical and modern floor, also suitable for outdoor areas and wet areas such as the bathroom.

Finally, surprisingly, the vinyl emerges as one of the most innovative solutions of the year. Vinyl flooring is lightweight, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, they offer a wide variety of designs and colors, from geometric designs imitations of wood and stone. Thanks to their insulating and anti-slip properties, these floors are ideal for rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

trends to follow

Now that you know which ones the most used materials this year, in this topic you will discover how you can use them in a modern way and of course according to what the trend dictates. Let’s start with parquet with special finishes such as brushed or aged effect. These solutions give the wood a more vivid and authentic look, ideal for those who appreciate the combination of modernity and tradition. In addition, for a touch of originality, you can choose to place it herringbone parquet or inside squaresto add dynamism and movement to the surface.

Trends also include its use tiles of large format, which allow the optimization of energy efficiency and the acquisition of a cleaner and more organized visual effect. Among the most valued materials in this field, we find the porcelain disheswhich is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, and the ceramic tiles with a marble effect, which combine the elegance of marble with the practicality of ceramics.

Finally, let’s not forget ecological solutions such as linoleum and bamboo. Linseed oil is a natural, biodegradable material with a low environmental impact, while bamboo is a renewable and highly sustainable resource, offering an ecological alternative to traditional wooden flooring.

Which tiles to use?

Tiles are probably this year’s rediscovery: surprisingly they are back in fashion and are now available in the most varied patterns.

As for the styles, the geometric tiles m the decorative textures are among the most popular. These models offer a wide variety of options to create unique and captivating compositions, suitable for both modern and more classic spaces. In addition, mosaic and ceramic floors with a cement effect continue to be the most popular, thanks to their versatility and the vintage charm they give rooms.

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