Barbie: decorate the house in the style of the movie of the moment

ONE barbie fashion it’s everywhere. I haven’t seen one in a long time film they make such an impact, inspiring audiences to dress with such rigor and elegance for it movie session more fun of the year and look for bold ways to incorporate it barbie style in their houses.

Thanks to Barbie feverwe decided to collect some of the new decoration trends that allow you to incorporate its aesthetics doll from Mattel in your home and live a life full of happy colors for years to come.

Already familiar with the timeless Barbiecore style?

ONE ‘barbie dollhas been at the center of the mainstream since it first hit the shelves in 1959. Since then it has entered the world of entertainment in different ways, but no one would have thought that the Comedy Greta Gerwigstarring Margot Robbie, was so pagan.

In recent days, the desire to fill kitchens, bedrooms, offices, bathrooms and even gardens is common. pink color. The color palette of the film, which also features Ryan Gosling as the unassuming Ken, is austere and enhances the Barbiecore stylewhich emerged in the late 1990s.

If many are already imitating it high heels, dresses, bags, leather goods and Barbie hats, others are starting to put Barbie style indoors and even in gardens. Find out how you can decorate the house in Barbie style with quick steps.

How to get a Barbie-style house: 5 things to do

The most famous plastic doll ever made continues to fascinate Portuguese viewers. If you want to turn your home into one real house of barbie These are the things that should not be missing:

  • Pink everywhere: the color that dominates your decoration will be present in pieces of furniture (sofas and armchairs), walls, curtains and decoration accessories. Even so, you can combine it with others such as blue, yellow or green. If you are a fan of yes barbie movies you will understand that they exist various shades of pink which allow an eclectic play of colors and patterns.
  • Play with vintage style: Have you ever paid attention to the Barbie universe? You can choose vintage furniture with furniture from the 50s and 60s, for a classic touch reminiscent of the doll’s origins. Household appliances such as toasters, blenders and coffee makers retro and rounded lines also seem to be a great choice.
  • Barbie themed decoration: you can only be a true fan if you have the various collections of the famous doll. Take Doctor Barbie, Teacher Barbie, Veterinary Barbie out of the trunk and place them around the house so they can tell the story of your growth.
  • Barbie clothes: tense wardrobe at home you can create an environment inspired by the world of Barbie. Some clothing brands have replica suits from Barbie and Ken from the film, where the Vichy pattern stands out. Be creative and improve yourself Barbiecore style in all the places.
  • Space for recreation and relaxation: reading areas, meditation areas, swimming pool or a garden with roses, begonias, dahlias and orchids are some of the ways to find peace in Barbie universe. She seeks to maintain cleaning and organizing habits so that every corner is a reflection of the perfection provided like Barbieland.

How to have a Barbie-style kitchen?

In addition to all the tips we’ve already shared here, we have tricks to make you one barbie style kitchen. The first thing you need to do is think about which shades of pink go with the kitchen you currently have, so you can renovate it without spending a lot of money.

then you can put some pink around the house. If you need a new coating, you can bet on pastel pink. If you need collections of tableware, you can choose hot pink. Let some details remain white to maintain their balance.

For larger investments, you can upgrade it Show Barbie in the kitchen through clear acrylic chairs, dinner table in pink and pink refrigerator. The space is completed with other essential pieces such as measuring cups, silicone spatulas and smooth spoons that will reflect the precision of the kitchen.

How to have a bedroom with a Barbie aesthetic?

THE Barbie glamour it can also be transferred to the bedroom, where you will feel like you are in a real fairy tale. THE Barbiecore style it can be present in carpets, pillowcases and pillows, duvet covers and bed sheets that can obviously be combined with another attractive color, for example, a soft orange.

to see it Barbie inside the room, you can print one of the film’s posters or frame photos of yourself next to Barbie. The final touch can be done with floral scented candles such as rose and lavender that give off a delicate scent.

Barbie style bathroom

Open the bathroom door barbie style very elegant. You can place a mirror with elegant details, as well as some frames reminiscent of it mermaid barbie water world. Be bold with towels, furniture, sinks or pedestal sinks in shades of pink.

Finally, instead of a shower, you should not do without the classic bathtub, with pink, silver or gold metals. THE barbie style bathroom Completed only with a famous pink robe, which will make you leave this space with the same freshness identical to the universe.

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