Buy Travel Online vs. Consultants: A Journey of Choices

Imagine this situation: Joana and Roberto are two lifelong friends, but when it comes to travel planning, they couldn’t be more different. So let’s dive into their stories to better understand each other’s choices.

Joana: A Digital Explorer

Joana loves the freedom the internet offers. Recently, he found an incredible deal on a resort in Porto de Galinhas on She loved being able to compare prices, read reviews and, with a few clicks, book her trip. For her, the thrill starts with the research. She spends hours watching travel vlogs, reading blogs and getting inspired by digital influencers. The autonomy to decide, the flexibility to buy at any time and the feeling of finding a “bargain” are what motivate her.

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Roberto: The careful planner

Roberto, on the other hand, values ​​safety and expertise. When he decided to take his family on a trip to Europe, he didn’t think twice before contacting his trusted travel agent, Clara. Clara knows Roberto’s tastes, knows that he appreciates authentic experiences and always has exclusive advice. When a flight was cancelled, Clara quickly rearranged everything, avoiding stress and inconvenience. For Roberto, having someone knowledgeable take care of everything is invaluable.

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Both made different choices, but why?

The truth is that both Joana and Roberto are right. There is one factor to consider, which is the evolution of the traveler. Throughout life, our priorities and preferences change. Perhaps, on her next adventure, Joana will decide to seek out a travel agent for a more personalized experience. While Roberto, wanting a quick getaway, chooses an online sales site. The truth is that there is no single answer. Every traveler is unique and their choices reflect their experiences, wants and needs.

What to consider?

* Product Familiarity: A quick business trip can easily be booked online, but a honeymoon or family trip may require a more personalized touch that ensures more security.

* Travel Maturity Level: A traveler may be more willing to take a chance on online deals, while someone looking for luxury and convenience may prefer a consultant. This luxury seeker today may have been a backpacker yesterday.

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* Economy vs. Convenience: While some are looking for the best deal, others are willing to pay a little more for convenience and peace of mind. How willing are you to face the perrenges of a trip?

Ultimately, the choice between buying online or through a travel advisor is as unique as the traveler. So, in the world of travel, there is no right or wrong. It all depends on the priorities and preferences the traveler has for each trip. Whether you’re Joana, exploring the digital world, or Roberto, looking for security and expertise, the important thing is to find what best suits your needs.

And you, who do you relate to the most? Have you ever had an experience that changed your perspective on booking travel? Share with us!

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