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With the reputation that Kitchens conquered in housing projects, one point became even more apparent in their capture: the importance of ergonomics.

Ever attentive to these precautions, the architect Bruno Moraesin front of the office BMA Studiomade this concern even more evident in the project he is signing for CASACOR São Paulo 2023.

in yourFunctional kitchen“, the professional declares bold aesthetics of his proposal, as well as pointing out the importance of observing the comfortable measurements for the installation of workplaces and devices.

But from what concepts does a ergonomic kitchen? Checkout 5 features pointed out the architect Bruno Moraes.

1. Kitchen cabinets

One of the main pieces of furniture in a kitchen is the cupboards, which occupy a large part of the area. When upper cabinets are installed over blackspash, the reverse is imperative avoid accidents.

In terms of measurements, the architect marks a Distance 75 cm when we have the upper cabinet recessed from the counter alignment, but when we have the upper cabinet flush with the counter, without recesses, we must have more than 1 m away between cabinet and counter.

2. Traffic in the area

The starting point is understanding it kitchen flow this is in dynamic of the residents. In provisions which show only the bench in front of a wall, “hallway kitchen”, the professional recommends a greater trafficso as not to give the impression of a narrow or claustrophobic environment.

In general, the idea is that the furniture placement m appliances do not interfere with the dynamics of preparing meals and welcoming residents. For Bruno Moraes, a release in between 90 cm m 1.05 m alleviates a right move.

3. Heat tower

Although for many it seems just a charm, ergonomically thinking of the hot tower it transforms the kitchen in a fantastic way. For this, it is necessary to analyze the electronic featuresfor the production of the frame that receives it correctly and think about it respiratory needs of each equipment.

Regarding dimensions in placepoints out that, in general, companies recommend a minimum 60 cm deephowever, it is always worth one custom analysis by the architect, who, among other things, must consider a height that is comfortable for the resident’s eyes and access.

4. Kitchen for beer

In general, the practitioner considers the its installation Hot Plate in height between 90 one 95 cm of the floor, but for the purpose of comfort, he decides to hit the hammer after analyzing the characteristics of the resident.

another measure referential and bench thickness who will receive the part, which will depend on the resistance of the material you choose.

Programming still considers a minimum distance from the wallas well as a distance, on its sides Hot Platewhich will serve as aeration and space reserved for food support.

To avoid overheatit is necessary to consider a gap between 5 m 10 cm background, depending on the model you choose, and always predict a minimum distance from the kitchen sink (50 cm is a good parameter) to avoid water splashing when using the tap. Similar to Hot Platethe sinks come with it flush with the bench.

5. Workbench and sectors

The architect recommends workbenches 90 one 95 cm in height from the floor, and higher proposals, such as a balcony, can reach each other 1 one 1.10 m

And when the area is commissioned to serve, generally the stools must show height 75cm, no way meter m sidewalks with height 65 cm for benches up to 95 cm of the floor, leaving a recess of it 25 cm for placing the legs under the bench and at least 10 cm recess to support the legs on the masonry base, which is normally raised above the floor by between 10 and 15 cm in relation to the floor.

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