Designed headgear: 7 decorating ideas for an organized home

Head decoration: 7 ideas for an organized and stylish home — Photo: Guilherme Pucci/Disclosure

As chapels they are ideal to help organize and bring a difference to the space. They are usually found at the entrance of houses and, despite the suggestive name, they are not only used for storing hats. They are great storage allies as they leave shoes, bags and coats in one place.

Decorating a home cloakroom offers a unique opportunity to create a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing space. When designing this room, start by choosing bespoke furniture and cabinetry that fit comfortably in the available space, optimizing every inch to efficiently store hats, purses and other items. It is also important to choose high-quality materials, such as elegant woodwork or modern finishes, to give the decor a sophisticated touch.

Plus, incorporate smart organization solutions like drawers with adjustable dividers, pull-out shelves, and strategically placed hooks to keep things organized and accessorizing accessories easier. To emphasize the warm atmosphere, choose soft, well-distributed lighting and soft, neutral colors. Adding a full-length mirror to your designer coat can add a touch of spaciousness. Remember the most important thing: the corner should be a functional and organized space, designed to facilitate the daily life of residents, not to disturb.

Below, check out seven headgear ideas that will inspire you to make your home more organized:

1. Spacious head cover

Beaded MDF headboard designed by architect Júlia Guadix of Studio Guadix — Photo: Guilherme Pucci/Disclosure

Designed by the architect Júlia Guadix, this cloakroom is located just after the entrance door, as a perfect ally of the organization. It fits like a glove in the environment and is made of MDF with beads, reminiscent of lath. The cabinet has two doors with internal shelves for storing masks, bags, coats and a low cabinet with drawers. In addition, it has space to sit and take off your shoes to store them. The true definition of multifunctional furniture!

2. Stylish headgear

Wood panel coat with cushion designed by Studio AG — Photo: Disclosure

In this project signed by Studio AG, we find the cloakroom next to the entrance door and the wooden toilet with lining. The corner has a shelf at the top, hangers to hang coats, bags and a mirror. In addition, two cupboards are located at the bottom and the seat is upholstered, which makes it more comfortable.

3. Camouflage headgear

Coat store design with padded counter, mirror and sliding doors by architect Bruno Moraes — Photo: Guilherme Pucci/Disclosure

Designed by architect Bruno Moraes, this corner is perfect for storing your shoes, house keys and checking your appearance in the mirror before going out. The wooden furniture is custom made and has sliding doors in the same material. There is also an upper alcove, as well as hangers, drawers and storage below.

4. Colorful headgear

Furniture designed by architect Bruno Moraes in mint green, perfect for storing items and with a sliding door that reveals the stairs to the second floor of the house — Photo: Carlos Piratininga/Disclosure

The mint green is present and suits this project perfectly. The architect Bruno Moraes designed this cloakroom with the goal of improving organization and making smart use of space. The designed piece of furniture has an imitation panel door. When you slide to one side, it frees up the corner for shoes and other items. In the other, it reveals a staircase.

5. Minimalist headgear

Coat store at the entrance, with a counter and clothes racks to store the items, a project signed by Studio Guadix — Photo: Guilherme Pucci/Disclosure

In this Studio Guadix signature apartment, the cloakroom is located at the entrance and is ideal for storing clothes, bags and shoes. The furniture also has a stool to put shoes on when you leave or arrive.

6. Small headgear

Small cloakroom with wooden frames, designed by architect Fernanda Medeiros — Photo: Gui Morelli/Disclosure

Designed by architect Fernanda Medeiros, this apartment’s wardrobe is small and charming. As soon as you enter the house, you can see it in the entrance with programmed frames. In addition, it has a bench and clothes racks to organize the items of those who arrive from the road.

7. Distinctive headgear

Headgear with a classic and understated style, by the signature office of Korman Arquitetos — Photo: Gui Morelli

In this project signed by the office Korman Arquitetos, the headboards rescue a classic style found in older houses. To revitalize the space and make it more functional, it has hooks and a bench.

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