The neutral base and Scandinavian inspiration bring comfort to a Sao Paulo apartment

a base clean and timeless, inspired by Scandinavian architecture, marks the decoration of this 180m² apartment, located in Pinheiros, São Paulo, renovated by the Patricia Martinez Architecture (@patriciamartinez).

The property is home to a German executive, who moved to Brazil and now lives with his girlfriend there. During the project, they requested to use mainly Brazilian design pieces and furniture in the decoration.

SOCIAL SPACE | Environments are embedded, giving breadth to the social domain. Coffee table by Jader Almeida — Photo: Salvador Cordaro / Disclosure

ALIVE | The dpot gray sofa made the living room more modern. Armchairs by Jader Almeida — Photo: Salvador Cordaro / Disclosure

The resident keeps a very close eye on aesthetics – a point of caution for Patricia. The property has an urban aesthetic, with many light and softer elements.

The integration between the environments was done to ensure more natural lighting throughout the apartment, in addition to expanding the spaces. The balcony was fully integrated into the living room to increase the size of the social space.

KITCHEN | The center island has a bench seat that seats two for quicker meals on a daily basis. Wave Line wardrobes from Ornare, stools from Jader Almeida and fruit bowls from dpot Object — Photo: Salvador Cordaro / Disclosure

DINING ROOM | The painting above the bar is by Daniel Mullen, purchased from Zipper Gallery. Interpam lamp — Photo: Salvador Cordaro / Disclosure

Oak wood is harmoniously present in all environments, and connects the kitchen, the living room and the home theater. The material also extends to the corridor of the rooms.

In the intimate space, the walls of the corridor were torn down and the TV panel put in place, creating an environment completely covered with the material, mimicking the bedroom door.

CORRIDOR | The use of wood to cover the intimate space ensured more comfort in the rooms and even allowed to imitate the entrance doors of the rooms — Photo: Salvador Cordaro / Disclosure

“There is a delicately orchestrated composition, very subtle and fluid, between the furniture, artwork and decorative objects,” says the architect.

The project was carried out in collaboration with Ornare and in all environments the furniture of the brand is present, making the house more comfortable and welcoming. Oak wood, porcelain flooring and Paraná marble complement each other in a harmonious and elegant way in the decoration.

BEDROOM | Wood is the main element in the room. The material warms the environment and creates a relaxing atmosphere — Photo: Salvador Cordaro / Disclosure

As the apartment has a base cleanthe textures are present in the carpets and sofa, giving greater prominence to the furniture.

LAVABO | The bathtub appears to float in the apartment’s bathroom and looks like an object of design — Photo: Salvador Cordaro / Disclosure

BATHROOM | Bathroom accessories make the space elegant and sober — Photo: Salvador Cordaro / Disclosure

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