The Lagoon apartment acquires color and carioca soul after a complete renovation

The complete renovation of the 140 sq.m. apartment. located in Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro, left the property “carioca style” as the residents wanted.

“They were looking for a house with the color and soul of Rio de Janeiro, alive, cheerful and bathed in natural light,” says the architect. Marina Romerowho signs this project with the partner Felipe Mayaat the office Maia Romeiro Architecture (@mr. maiaromeiro).

ENTRANCE HALL | The reception area received “Tetê” armchairs and “Mocho” stools, by Sergio Rodrigues, purchased from Way Design. buffet by Telmo Marquezine Marcenaria; rug from the Hathi Gallery. benches by LZ Studio. and Deolux pendant — Photo: Lília Mendel / Disclosure

The lawyer couple with a teenage daughter asked professionals to create two suites and a powder room in the property, changing the original floor plan to just one suite and a guest bathroom. They also asked for a comfortable room with lots of seating and storage.

“Their dream was a house that would embrace them and be a refuge at the end of a difficult job,” emphasizes Marina.

DINING ROOM | The built-in room has a Lumini pendant. table, chairs and sideboard from Lider Interiores. vases on the sideboard at Korb Galeria. wood paneling by Telmo Marquezine Marcenaria. and decoration on the Nara Maitre Home table — Photo: Lília Mendel / Disclosure

BALCONY | The view of the lagoon can be contemplated from the space. Dining table, chairs and armchair from Tidelli. Woodwork on the wall at the back of Telmo Marquezine Marcenaria. vases and landscaping at Casa de Flores — Photo: Lília Mendel / Disclosure

The project brought contemporary and timeless decor to the apartment, which is intended to be the family home for many years to come. The careful arrangement, with the sofa in the middle of the room, allowed the creation of three different environments – living room, TV room and dining room – but visually complete and without limitations.

“Everything was designed to make the most of the space and highlight its qualities. We improved natural ventilation by creating cross ventilation by aligning, for example, the office doors and the one leading to the living room. We also explored a lot of wood texture, especially of American oak, mixed with tones such as blue and green, to give it life,” explains the architect.

KITCHEN | Light and bright, it features floor and wall coverings by Ekko Revestimentos. Calacata quartz countertops from Cozendei Mármores. Telmo Marquezine Marcenaria cabinets; and high stools by LZ Studio — Photo: Lília Mendel / Disclosure

The colors appear on the walls, furniture, window frames and decorative objects throughout the property, bringing unity to the project and a lively carioca touch to the spaces. White and off-white were added in some places to add lightness. The existing wooden floor has been preserved.

COUPLE ROOM | The cozy suite features bed linen and pillows from Cem por Centorouparia. pillows by Nara Maitre Home. panel behind headboard and wardrobe by Telmo Marquezine Marcenaria. Upholstered headboard and curtain by Selleto Home. sconces from Dimlux; white side table from Arquivo Contemporâneo. and painting by Korb Galeria — Photo: Lília Mendel / Disclosure

In the living room, blue stands out on the L-shaped walls and the back of the living room shelf, creating a counterpoint to the white wall on the opposite side. “The idea was to add color, but always think about balance,” points out Marina.

COUPLE’S BATHROOM | The space received a white quartz countertop from Cozendei Mármores. floor and wall coating by Ekko Revestimento. Deca Minerals, purchased at Emporium Frei Caneca. mirror and under-counter cabinet by Telmo Marquezine Marcenaria. and blindex boxing at the Maracanã glass factory — Photo: Lília Mendel / Disclosure

In the dining room, a large window frame camouflages the sliding door that gives access to the intimate space. One of the rooms was converted into a multipurpose office, which can also serve as a guest house when needed.

OFFICE | The room has a sofa that serves guests. Menu Home Sofa; rug from the Hathi Gallery. chair by LZ Studio. Lumini desk lamp? and blinds by Seletto Home — Photo: Lília Mendel / Disclosure

OFFICE | The multifunctional space also functions as a guest bedroom. Woodwork by Telmo Marquezine Woodwork and cushions by Nara Maitre Home — Photo: Lília Mendel / Disclosure

Low furniture with rounded shapes, such as armchairs with their backs on the shelf, make a counterpoint to the other furniture, where straight lines predominate. Brazilian pieces with a signature design, such as the pair of armchairs Wedby Sergio Rodrigues, and the two side tables next to the sofa, by Jader Almeida, bring bossa into the environment.

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