Small rooms: 21 ideas and pictures to make the most of every inch

The reduced size does not mean that your living room will not be charming, comfortable and functional. The 21 projects below prove that it is possible to put together an environment where every detail makes a difference, including woodwork, integration, furniture, colors and accessories. See good decoration solutions for small spaces!

1. For the implementation of the project for the 38 sq.m. apartment, the challenge Daniel Virginioprofile decoration content creator Danio’s house, was going to compartmentalize everything into a single environment. The room was painted green and wallpapered on one of the walls to separate the room. The carpet and stools, which act as side tables, mark the end of the room and the beginning of the bedroom. 👇

Project by Daniel Virgínio, creator of decoration content for Danio’s Cafofo profile — Photo: Derek Fernandes / Disclosure

2. No Apartment 42 sq.m., renovated by Maré Studio, a door separates the bedroom from the social environment and allows the creation of two distinct spaces. The functional living room houses the home office, whose workbench is located below the TV and in front of the sofa. The blue wall creates a focal point of color in the decor. 👇

Work by Estúdio Maré — Photo: Felco / Disclosure

3. The office Macaxá Architecture took advantage of the 31 m² of this apartment with the window frames visually delimiting the built-in environments. On one side, the panel spans the spaces, acting as both a headboard and back for the sofa and wardrobe. 👇

Macaxá Arquitetura office project — Photo: Gisele Rampazzo / Disclosure

4. In the apartment 40 m² without living room, designed by the architect Laura Kim, the sofa with chaise longue fit well in the living room. The professional also played with a white and dark blue panel to give the property spaciousness and enhance the decor. 👇

The work of Laura Kim — Photo: Maura Mello / Disclosure

5. In this narrow wide house, the office Guavaordered Karen Evangelist m Mark Mendes, took advantage of cross-environment integration. With a staircase in the middle, the living room and kitchen are connected to facilitate daily circulation. 👇

Goiva office project — Photo: Maíra Acayaba / Disclosure

6. The central cabinet was designed by the architect Juliana Pianezzola Cichelero, responsible for the renovation of the 35 m² apartment, is the key point of the project, as it separates the living room and the bedroom (there are no walls) and has several functions: as a TV panel in the living room; a slat, with mirror and shelves facing the entrance. and serves as a wardrobe with sliding doors on the side facing the bedroom. 👇

Work by architect Juliana Pianezzola Cichelero — Photo: Marcelo Donadussi / Disclosure

7. Slatted paneling and a soft color palette, but with personality and shades of pink, green, blue and gray, add charm to the small room of this 69m² apartment designed by Studio 92 Architecture. To take advantage of every centimeter, the office designed the grill, which also serves as a seat and expands the living space. 👇

Project by Studio 92 Arquitetura — Photo: Mariana Orsi / Disclosure

8. The environment cleanusing a lot of white, as well as light wood, was the architect’s priority Andrea Venturini for the project of this apartment 38 m². The aim is to have a light appearance to increase the feeling of spaciousness in the property, which has no walls to separate environments. 👇

Work by architect Andressa Venturini — Photo: Mariana Boro / A CASAA / Disclosure

9. In the renovation of the 41 m² loft, the Studio Muy Arquitetura opted for built-in environments, but visually delimited. Among the solutions implemented to optimize the spaces and guarantee valuable material for the residents, are the lock and the glass sliding door, which separates the living room from the bedroom. 👇

Project by Studio Muy Arquitetura — Photo: Fábio Jr. Serious / Revelation

10. The small living room of the 60 m² duplex, designed by MN Architecture and Interiors, gained space by fully integrating the dining room and kitchen. Gray tones, a combination of overlays and textures, in addition to the use of plants, guarantee a youthful look. 👇

Project by MN Arquitetura e Interiores office — Photo: Mariana Orsi / Disclosure

11. Plenty of white, light wood and natural elements give the 47m² apartment a relaxed, signature feel. Song study. As residents spend most of their time in the dining room, the idea is to have a light look, even with reduced material. 👇

Artwork by Studio Canto — Photo by Cris Farhat / Disclosure

12. Even with a small space, the living room looks spacious, thanks to the integration of spaces suggested by the designer. Caroline Bordonko, responsible for the project of the 50 sq.m. apartment. Light furniture allows for good circulation and also the flexibility to move everything around when hosting guests. 👇

Work by designer Carolina Bordonco — Photo: Kadu Lopes / Disclosure

13. To gain width, the living room was integrated with the kitchen and the terrace, where a space for meditation was created. Vibrant and regular colors, in addition to plants, help highlight the spaces. office design Macaxá Architecture. 👇

Macaxá Arquitetura office project — Photo: Gisele Rampazzo / Disclosure

14. In the studio of only 26 m², it was possible to place all the expectations and needs of the residents’ routine. As all environments are integrated, the solution that the architect found Cecilia Hoe he went to rest the sofa on the bed to compose the living room. There is also room for the home office, which takes up part of the TV stand. 👇

Work by architect Cecilia Hoe — Photo: Disclosure / Manuel Sá

15. The property of just 26 m² includes a living room, kitchen, balcony and bedroom. To provide privacy at bedtime, the interior designer Camila Cordistain front of the office Cordista Interiors, designed a sliding door that doubles as a panel for the TV and allows the screen to rotate 180 degrees to accommodate the living room and bedroom. 👇

Project by Cordista Interiores office — Photo: Kadu Lopes / Disclosure

16. The studio of only 18 m² has good solutions and optimized spaces. Stairs, for example, access compartments and the extended concrete bench hold items and can even serve as a seat on the day of receiving many guests. In the background is the kitchen, with a table designed by PKB Architecture, who signs the project. 👇

Project by PKB Arquitetura — Photo: Denilson Machado / MCA Estúdio / Disclosure

17. The 52 m² loft belongs to the architect Kika Mattosfrom the office Triart Architecture, who came up with tricks for small spaces. Among them, the low furniture, such as the sofa in the living room, give fluidity to the space. In addition, the professional applied the same color to the walls and ceiling to create unity in the environments. 👇

Work by architect Kika Mattos — Photo: Victor Affaro / Editora Globo

18. The office Lumi Arquiteturaformed by the architects Heloísa Savoldi m Jessica Leone, designed the renovation of the 64 m² property, prioritizing a neutral palette, designer frames and lots of textures. As the kitchen was not integrated into the living room, removing the wall transformed the living room into a unique environment. The use of the same vinyl flooring further highlighted the width achieved by unifying the spaces. 👇

Project by Lumi Arquitetura office — Photo: Eduardo Macarios / Disclosure

19. The 70 m² apartment serves as a stopover for a couple from New York (USA) vacationing in Barcelona (Spain). Portuguese interior designer Claudia de Sousa, who designed the project, replaced the dark vinyl flooring with a light wood parquet and used materials that help enhance the light coming from the opening, which gives a greater sense of spaciousness. 👇

Work by interior designer Cláudia de Sousa — Photo: Álvaro Valdecantos / Disclosure

20. The architect’s apartment with only 36 m² Daniel Bolson opened to incorporate environments. The challenge was to fit all your needs into one compact space in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way. The slatted panel serves as an aesthetic element and also separates the living room from the kitchen. 👇

Work by architect Daniel Bolson — Photo: Cristiano Bauce / Disclosure

21. The 12 m² room of an apartment was renovated by the architect Robert Roble to have a greater range. Before the brown-beige suede, the renewed sofa acquired a shade of blue, which was in harmony with the new patterned carpet in the same tone – the light background and the geometric print help to “lengthen” the appearance of the narrow environment. As the TV was too large for the room, he chose a dark gray color for the wall, which served as a background to camouflage the set. 👇

Work by architect Robert Robl — Photo: Thiago Travesso/Disclosure

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