The apartment has natural elements, travel items and a pistachio tone

To have a house with poetry, that could tell travel stories and family memories, and yet reflect the residents’ passion for the city of São Paulo, was the purpose of this 134m² apartment project.

THE Clarice Semerene Studio (@claricesemerene) was responsible for the conversion of the property located in Vila Olímpia, São Paulo. A young couple with a young daughter lives in the apartment, but during the renovation, the family grew and had another child to enjoy the house.

SOCIAL SPACE | An empty shelf was created from the office to accommodate decorative items and books, in addition to subtly dividing the office room from the home. Metal work on the shelf by AG Movelaria e Design, “Mole” armchair by Sergio Rodrigues and “Dizzy” table by Folio — Photo: Joana França / Disclosure | Producer: Mayra Navarro

SHELF | The library subtly separates the environments and even houses plants, bringing more contact with nature — Photo: Joana França / Disclosure | Producer: Mayra Navarro

“During co-creation sessions with residents, I asked the following question”If your house had a flavor, what would it be?‘. Their response was “The pistachio, as it is a smooth, complex and refined flavor at the same time. Plus, we love the color!‘. From there the concept of the project was born”, says Clarice.

With the group formed by Julia Lucena m Julia Grattone, the practitioner applied the characteristics and sensations described by the couple to each of the environments. For this, natural materials such as micro-cement and wood were applied.

LIVING ROOM | Micro-cement and wood offer warmth to the social space. The use of plants brings nature into the apartment Novo Ambiente stone sofa, Madeira & Linha Interiores cushions and Folio side tables. Above the sofa is a photo of Mariana Orsi, depicting the MAC USP — Photo: Joana França / Disclosure | Producer: Mayra Navarro

The couple is passionate about the city and chose an apartment with a panoramic view of São Paulo. The terrace and social area are the ideal environments to receive friends, but you can also enjoy the space alone.

In the decoration, several pieces acquired on trips, such as the mirror in the hall, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the carpet in the living room, which we bought on our honeymoon in Turkey, and other specific elements that make the house full of charm and warmth.

DINING ROOM | The dining room was placed on the terrace to receive more natural light. Dining table by Crème and “Finas” chairs by Zanini by Zanine at Novo Ambiente — Photo: Joana França / Publicity | Producer: Mayra Navarro

In the original plan, the apartment had three bedrooms, a living room, a closed kitchen and a spacious balcony. During the project, all environments in the social space were integrated to create greater fluidity and spaciousness.

The dining room and barbecue area were placed where the terrace was originally located. The environment was enclosed by glass windows and maintains the suggestion of being a recreational area. The steel and glass frame allows you to separate the rest of the room to prevent strong odors and smoke from entering the room.

KITCHEN | The green pistachio tone is present in the kitchen cabinets. The woodwork in sage color was carried out by Florense — Photo: Joana França / Publicity | Producer: Mayra Navarro

KITCHEN | The tone permeates the entire environment, providing unity and a focal point of color to the decor — Photo: Joana França / Disclosure | Producer: Mayra Navarro

The kitchen is continuous with the barbecue, allowing larger spaces for food preparation and cooking. The island is multifunctional and has, in addition to the food preparation area, a corner for coffee and accommodates two stools

In the living room, an unusual proposal: the residents chose not to have a TV, but a projector to be able to watch movies and series. The absence of a television further enhances the unification between environments.

HOME OFFICE | The space can be opened to the social space, making the whole apartment more complete — Photo: Joana França / Revelation | Producer: Mayra Navarro

SUITE | The existing balcony was integrated to optimize the surrounding space. The wooden plank floor provides thermal comfort. Bedding by Codex Home — Photo: Joana França / Disclosure | Producer: Mayra Navarro

LAVABO | Mostly white, the bathroom has a more classic vibe. Selvvva vase — Photo: Joana França / Publicity | Producer: Mayra Navarro

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