Mariana Weickert’s apartment full of design and art in Rio de Janeiro

Mariana Weickert’s apartment full of design and art in Rio de Janeiro — Photo: André Klotz

Six years have passed since the model and presenter Marianna Weikert don’t stay Rio de Janeiro and this is already his second apartment in the city. “I’m the personification of change,” he says. After leaving Blumenau, SC, where he was born, at age 15, spending another six years in New York (interspersed with stints in Milan and Paris), and settling in São Paulo for 12, he’s always moved from work, moving to the capital. of São Paulo from Fluminense was driven by love: in 2017, she married businessman Arthur Falk and the two settled in a wonderful address – a part of Leblon farther from the beach and with lots of trees.

In the living room, a pair of sofas by Maria Cândida Machado for Interni Móveis, restored with fabric from Corcovado, an oxidized steel coffee table by Flávio Franco, Mercado Moderno, a pair of Brasiliana armchairs, by Jorge Zalszupin, at Empório Brasil Design and a carpet by Nani Chinellato – on the wall are paintings by Gretta Sarfaty, Loly Paullier (diptych in the center), Maria Polo (right, top) and Adriana Varejão (right, bottom) — Photo: André Klotz

It turns out that, then, the design of the space was designed for a childless couple. The space even hosted the arrival of the now 5-year-old Teresa. When Felipe, who just turned 3, was born, the routine became a little complicated, as the noise from the kitchen, open to the living room, invaded the little one’s room. “We needed space,” explains Mariana.

Mariana wears a Paula Raia dress and poses in a corner of the living room, next to a collage by Julia Kater and behind a bronze sculpture by Vanderlei Lopes (on pink peroba parquet) – hanging on the wall, Solo vase, by Guilherme To Wentz, of Wentz, supports Adam’s side — Photo: André Klotz

In the dining room, the Kolonn table, by Fabricio Roncca, is surrounded by Clave chairs, by Ovo, by Hetty Goldberg and, on the wall, a painting by José Bechara – the peroba-rosa shelf was executed by Studio Salis — Photo: Andre Klotz

Apart from the practical reasons, there was a recurring discussion between Arthur and Mariana about the desire to experience the beauty of the landscape more closely. “We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and we didn’t have an amazing view from the window,” he recalls – the old apartment overlooked the neighboring buildings. When they visited a friend, they got the stimulus they needed to start searching. “From its roof, it was possible to see the greenery of the Botanical Garden, Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer. We were so amazed that we left there and immediately started looking at real estate websites,” he says.

Detail of niches framing paintings by Aluísio Carvão (left) and Joaquim Tenreiro (right), both purchased at auction — Photo: André Klotz

A short time of searching turned up this gem – a sea view apartment on the first floor of a 1960s low-rise building. park The peroba-rosa, in excellent condition, could be used and the plant as a whole did not need major conversions. “We thought we would only knock down his wall dinning room and move us as soon as possible,” reveals the resident. Although the idea was more of a one-time intervention than remodeling extensive, Mariana and Arthur decided to turn it on Hedgehog architectureoffice headed by Beto Figueiredo and Luiz Eduardo Almeidaresponsible for the design of the property where the family lived until then.

In another corner of the living room, overlooking the beach, the armchair purchased at Westwing was placed in front of the custom-made bench, which hosts a photograph by Lyle Owerko — Photo: André Klotz

Access to the TV room, which occupies the site of the former dining room, presents a painting by Zéh Palito, which hides a sliding door, behind which is the cellar and, to the left, the painting No Flash Please, by Felipe Morozini – in the foreground, stools from Ilha do Ferro, AL, and, on the opposite wall, a photograph of Lenora de Barros — Photo: André Klotz

The closet has a cabinet designed by Ouriço Arquitetura, which frames a set of tables and chairs from the resident’s collection – on the floor, Roca porcelain tiles and, on the wall, a rug hand-painted by illustrator Maria Gabriela — Photo: André Klotz

Soon after, the architects agreed to remove the dining room apartment to expand the social space. The peroba-rosa parquet floor was not only preserved, but also inspired being of the room, from the same wood. “We propose a piece of furniture that extends the view of the floor and acts as a gallery in the passage to the guest area. bedrooms,” Beto details. Upon hearing the proposal, Mariana requested that the piece have niches of varying heights to accommodate sculptures and paintings, in addition to books.

In the hallway leading to the bedrooms, above the Móveis Cimo sideboard (1950s), a painting by Antonio Bandeira — Photo: André Klotz

In the living room, Mariana, wearing BDLN, poses on Maria Cândida Machado’s sofa, leaning against a side table with a lamp brought from Berlin and figurines that belonged to her grandmother — Photo: André Klotz

“It would be an exaggeration to say that Arthur and I are art collectors. We start in this universe and we like to do this dive for two,” confesses the resident. Although unassuming, the collection continues to expand and includes works sold at auctions, bought on trips and works by artists discovered on social networks.

In the family room, the paintings above the sofa by Way Design are also by Rimon Guimarães — Photo: André Klotz

In the bathroom, covered in concrete, a mirror bought in an antique shop in New York and two paintings by Rimon Guimarães — Photo: André Klotz

Felipe’s room, decorated with wallpaper by Tom Wallpapers, a mini-bed inherited from his sister and a wardrobe by K3 Marcenaria, opens onto the interior garden landscaped by Kátia Neves, designed during the renovation and taking advantage of building ventilation prism, unused before — Photo: André Klotz

In Teresa’s room, the girl’s chosen rainbow theme served as inspiration for the colorful panel, hand-painted by Giuliana Favero — Photo: André Klotz

Upholstered walls contribute to the cozy atmosphere in the couple’s bedroom, as does the Always Home fabric headboard and, above the bedding, pillows and footstool, 100% Camisaria – behind the bed, painting by Julia Cater, with overlapping layers, it brings personality to the environment: “Arthur and I made it a habit to present ourselves with art at special appointments for us. This work came home that way, but I don’t even remember who bought it for whom,” says Mariana — Photo: André Klotz

Passionate about architecture and design, the couple wanted to leave all the spaces with their face and, therefore, the renovation went beyond the living room and into other environments: kitchen m toilet got new overlays, a room was done Closet and the doors were moved to improve circulation. As a result, it took the family a little longer than expected to move, but the wait was worth every minute. “Being on the first floor, at the height of the coconut trees, I have the feeling of living in a house,” says Mariana. “Everything was tailored for us. We were very satisfied.”

*Beauty: Elton Thadeu

*The article was originally published on July issue 452 of Casa Vogue Brasil

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