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I love RPGs and over time I realized that what fascinates me most about these games is the immersion they can provide. That’s why I think that a good story is necessary and something that can contribute a lot to the plot, are parallel missions, also known as sidequests. for Starfield it could be a full plate for those who want to escape the main story.

Starfield - Sidequests

Credit: Apocalypse / Bethesda

Having arrived on PC and Xbox Series S|X, Bethesda’s promising game has piqued many people’s interest for the amount of content it will have to offer and truth be told, considering the developer’s past, no one would have expected less.

The one who spoke about this aspect was Jamie Mallory, its producer Starfield and that when asked what he liked most about the game he’s helping to create, he didn’t hide his excitement about parts of the story that many won’t even know about.

“Lately I’ve been delving into the quest lines for all the different factions and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the incredible variety of their stories,” said Mallory. “It’s like uncovering a treasure trove of fascinating narratives that many people may not even realize exist.”

This is due, according to the producer, to the fact that many people will skip the main plot, but those willing to explore the game in unusual ways will have a “real treat”.


Credit: Apocalypse / Bethesda

“The amount of content that goes into these faction stories is truly amazing,” Mallory continued. “It’s like embarking on a grand adventure within an adventure, where every choice you make and every interaction you have shapes the course of the story. The character development, the plot twists, the moral dilemmas — I’m completely hooked!”

For him, these missions will provide an opportunity to delve into the rich universe of the game, when we will be able to discover details that will go a long way in making the whole experience much more interesting.

The producer concluded by asking those who are going to experience it Starfiled deviate a bit from the main quest and give the faction quests a shot. This way we can get to know a game even better, with all the effort and extra time spent on the futuristic RPG being rewarded. It will be like “unwrapping a surprise gift within the game itself — a gift that will leave you with unforgettable memories and renewed admiration for the limitless creativity of game designers and developers.”

Of course, this could all be nothing more than pure marketing, a way for one of the most important people in the project to try to win over a larger audience. However, Bethesda has a good track record when it comes to interesting weirdness, and I think they’ll be able to do it again.

But (and there’s always a but), what makes me a little leery of all this talk is the fact that I’m already sick of seeing massive games but resorting to bland sidequests just to pad the sausage. Generally, these assignments given to us by NPCs boil down to going somewhere, killing some enemies or collecting a certain number of items and returning to the lazy characters who think we have nothing better to do.

Final Fantasy XVI - Sidequests

Credit: Apocalypse / Square Enix

This happens, for example, in Final Fantasy XVI. Although I loved the game and I admit that its side quests manage to make the world of Valisthea much more complex, after a few hours it becomes tiresome to submit to these quests just to know the characters’ stories.

It’s a shame, but I think Square Enix missed a great opportunity to put us in tasks with some variety, which would definitely make the pacing of the game much better.

However, this isn’t a problem exclusive to Creative Business Unit III pros, and in the case of the Clive Rosfield-starring adventure, at least the recurring side quests often serve to deliver good stories.

On the other side of that coin, we have studios like Rockstar and CD Projekt Red. The first has shown over the years how the series Grand Theft Auto benefited from excellent side effects, many of them even more interesting than the main ones.

Credit: Apocalypse/CD Projetk red

As for the Poles, I’ll always defend that I’ve never played a title with as many fantastic side quests as the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. To be honest, I think the RPG would already be one of the best of all time even if it didn’t have the common thread that leads us to the end of the campaign. If he dropped us into his vast virtual world and we only had to help the locals, I’d be quite satisfied.

What intrigues me is thinking about how most companies don’t seem to care much about investing in these “less important” missions. I know the cost of doing something like this is not low, I know being creative when creating tasks for the player is quite difficult, but how can you not get the feeling that the studio just wanted to artificially increase the duration of their creations?

Still, I’m really rooting for Bethesda to succeed with it Starfield in this part of the sidelines. If that happens, I’m sure we saw something in the Fallout 3 or not The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, titles in which many simply preferred to spend dozens of hours performing the most varied tasks, and how can you complain about that? After all, there are things that, if not more important, can at least be more fun than saving the world, right?

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