Answers: how much will the increase in mobility pensions be in September

The adjustment in September of the retirements and pensions of the general pension system it would be between 23% and 24%. So the minimum credit, currently $70,938, it would be in an approximate amount between $87,200 and $88,000, gross. And the maximum income will increase from $477,347 to $587,000 and $592,000.

The percentage is not yet an official number, but probably results from estimates from various sources consulted by LA NACION, for which the data available so far were taken into account, including the type of quarterly movement of assets.

If the rate is confirmed, pensioners’ income will accumulate in the ninth month of the year a nominal increase of 74 or 75%. and most likely this index will remain below inflation, which was 50.7% in the first half of the year alone, during which retirements were adjusted by 41.5%. So that between January and September the price increase does not accumulate more than 75%, the average monthly index from July to the ninth month should not exceed 5.2%.

Faced with the inadequacy of the mobility formula – applicable from 2021 and enacted by law at the end of 2020 – to achieve the objective of maintaining the purchasing power of assets, The government grants relief allowances of varying amounts at its discretion, but not for all pensioners, but for those with a monthly income of no more (or slightly more) than $141,876, an amount equal to twice the minimum amount. For this reason, with each application of mobility increases, the expectation is created as to what will be done with these bonuses, which are not included in the credit and therefore are not taken into account when applying update rates (that is, the percentage derived from the formula is applied to the credit itself).

By law, income from contributory system benefits and non-contributory pensions, universal child benefit (AUH) and amounts received per child (or for other family items) from a group of formal wage earners and single contributors are reset in March , in June, September and December of each year. The percentages result from a calculation that takes into account the seasonal variation refers to a quarter of tax collection whose resources are partly or wholly derived from the Anses, measured by benefit, and the quarterly evolution of wages, according to one of two indices: the average taxable pay of stable workers (Ripte) or the INDEC wage index. Of the two wage indices, the one that yields the higher value for the reference period is taken into account.

The official mobility index corresponding to September will be published by Anses on Thursday the 10th of this monthLeandro Garcia – Ances

Ripte’s volatility in June was recently known: the increase for that month was 8.1%, and that of the second quarter of the year, 26.05%. The June wage index prepared by INDEC, which in addition to the income of the formal sector also includes that of informal workers, It will be announced on Thursday the 10th of this month. On that day, as expected, it will be officially announced what will be the September revaluation for assets.

Social security economist Sergio Rottenschweiler estimated that for the official statistics institute’s index to show a quarterly rate higher than Ripte’s, it would have had to have advanced more than 11% in June, which “seems unlikely” ( If it did doing so, the mobility index would be somewhat higher than estimated). Taking Ripte into account in the calculation, he added, the increase in retirements for next month would be 23.17%.

“September mobility gives us 23.3% and the minimum amount would remain at $87,447″, emphasized economist Marcelo Capello, from the Ieral of Fundación Mediterránea. To arrive at this result, it was also assumed, in this case, that the wage index that will ultimately be used is Ripte.

For retirement economist Raphael Roffman, meanwhile, mobility next month will be around 24% “or maybe a little less”, depending on how some data is officially obtained, such as the number of advantages of the system. Rofman agreed that the INDEC wage index is unlikely to be used instead of the Ripte, given the recent performance of both variables.

In the first half for those who received the 41.5% increase and had no bonus, the decline in purchasing power exceeded 6%, and it is even higher in these months of July and August, while the loss compared to a year ago reached 12.3%. In the case of those collecting aid, there was also a fall in income in real terms, if the first half of this year is taken into account, and the effect was greater for those who had a reduction in the amount of this supplement (a group of pensioners received an additional $7,000 in the first months of 2023, while in these months they receive for the same concept $5000.

In the last year, the purchasing power of non-bonus assets has fallen by more than 12%, given the inadequacy of the mobility formula in the face of high inflationShutterstock – Shutterstock

This August, those with assets up to $70,938 (including those receiving non-contributory pensions)) will receive a $20,000 bonus. Meanwhile, with a credit greater than $70,938 and up to $85,938, the amount needed to complete the $90,938 will be received as aid. if you have a gross monthly income over $85,938 and up to $141,876 (the minimum amount multiplied by two), the extra will be $5,000, and finally, with income over $141,876 and up to $146,876, you will get what is necessary to reach $146,876 .

On the other hand, only for those who received their pension without moratorium (ie with 30 or more years of actual contribution), governs the legal guarantee stating that the monthly credit (not counting bonds) It cannot be less than 82% of the minimum, vital and mobile salary. That means those with gross monthly income up to $86,510 will receive for July a supplement of up to $15,571; and those receiving income up to $92,250 will have additionally, for August, up to $21,312. These extras, in particular, will be paid according to a special calendar set by Anses, in the week preceding the PASO elections, specifically, between Monday 7 and Friday 11 August. The 82% guarantee results from Law 27.426, approved in December 2017.

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