Sergio Massa visited Mendoza and San Luis: “The 13th starts a game in which a lot is played”

In campaign mode, Sergio Massa held a new rally this Wednesday that included activities in the provinces of Mendoza and San Luis. During his visit to San Luis, the pre-candidate president of the Unión por la Patria (UP) assured that on August 13 “A game begins in which Argentina is at stake”.

When he led an act in San Luis, where he arrived after passing through Mendoza, Massa expressed: “This August 13 begins a game in which Argentina is at stake. I want them to put it engraved in the fire and be able to tell every neighbor, every colleague, why we don’t go to the ballot box alone to choose a candidate, we go to the ballot box to choose a model country”.

Sergio Massa visited the state company IMPSA

Scoff confirmed this Tuesday in Mendoza that The agreement Mauricio Macri’s government made with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) during his administration was “used to finance capital flight” and these funds were not invested in “companies, routes or hospitals”.

“Argentina inherited an anchor from the previous government of (Mauricio) Macri, which is 45,000 million dollars that must be renegotiated every three months, which is the debt with the IMF that was used to finance capital flight because it did not remain in companies, routes or hospitals, but rather it was used to finance the outflow of investment funds and this brings us to tension added to the current drought that affected with 21,000 million dollars, “said Massa in statements to the media after visiting Mendoza’s industrial company Impsa . .

Bulk IMPSA.jpg

Compared with inflationary processMasha argued “Argentina has a serious problem,” so “it is necessary to put that on the table when evaluating the reasons” for the price increase.

“We need tax order on our accountswe need accumulate reserves to make our currency strong, but we also need to have exchange rate competitiveness so that not only Impsa, but also sectors like winemaking and tourism are competitive,” the minister said.

In response to a question about the press versions that state that Central Bank reserves were used to settle the last maturity with the IMF, the Minister of Economy considered that those who say they “ignore how Central Bank accounts work”.

“Argentina has an exchange with China that it has activated with 5,000 million dollars, of which so far it has used 3,400 million. Now, China activated the second tranche of 5,000 million and paid 1,700 million dollars directly from an Argentina account in Hong Kong. For On the other hand, the Latin American Development Bank CAF paid the other 1,000 million dollars,” he explained and added: “So whoever says that ignores the reality of Argentina’s accounts.”

Meeting with producers and pensioners of Mendoza

Later, Massa led a meeting with regional entrepreneurs and producers, representatives of the media and local industries.

There, he confirmed the decision to “maintain the level of activity, simplify people’s lives in fiscal matters, continue to create jobs and bet on the economic development of Argentina.”

“We took the decision to abolish withholding taxes on viticulture from September, because regional economies are part of development, but, in addition, they are a symbol of federalism for Argentina. In addition, we have taken the decision to proceed with a program of non-refundable contributions for exporting SMEs. he emphasized.

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The minister then spoke to pensioners before whom he assured his commitment to “defend their rights, to pension, to PAMI medicines, to access credits, to travel with Previaje”.

“Right now we have to take care of the purchasing power of pensioners. On the 10th came the new mobility, which marks the increase from September to December. And I want to commit to defending purchasing power against inflation: if the index is not enough, we will put in money from the State to preserve the purchasing power of pensions,” he assured.

Agenda of the Liturgy in San Luis

Later, in San Luis, the Minister of Economy said: “There they are walking around Argentina talking about adjustment. Let’s go tell every worker to vote to defend this job.”

During his visit to the province led by Alberto Rodríguez Saá, a district that the PJ lost to Juntos por el Cambio, Massa pointed out that “on August 13 and October 22, the Peronism of San Luis is going to win again to show Argentina that I have not defeated it.”

“With this power they will come back, have no doubts. I want to tell you to feel calm, just look at the roads, the schools, the internet connection, the hospitals, the Government House, every one of the houses that were built to feel convinced that they will come back, no one will be able to overcome the work they have done all these years”, stressed the leader of the Frente Renovador.

Earlier he passed through Mendoza, another district where Juntos por el Cambio prevailed in PASO, which is on course to retain power today in the hands of radical Rodolfo Suárez.

“My responsibility until December is to complete the parking of the ship which in August last year sank and was destroyed,” said Masha.

The pro-government candidate also said: “In the next 4 years my task will be to guarantee growth, development, job creation and federalism and free public education as core values.”

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