Guillermo Moreno proposed that the debt with the IMF “should be paid by the members of the Agrarian Society”

“In this century the only ones who did not fail were the Peronists. Liberals, neoliberals and radicals failed in the Alianza government and later in the (Mauricio) Macri government. In this government the progressives failed… We Peronists did the decade we won with a Peronist president,” he said in reference to Nestor Kirchner.

And he continued: “The only thing that solves the problems of Latin America are the doctrines born by an extraordinary people like the people of Argentina. They are not European doctrines but those of America like Peronism. So, what does Argentina need? Does it need a Peronist president,” Moreno told the department Candidates of the program A minute of C5N.

For his first measure he talked about how the country will deal with the debt with the IMF. “We have to be very clear. Who pays the debt? The people are paying for this government and the previous one. Yes, yes Scoff he just messed with the Argentine table: he increased the corn. This Christina (Kirchner) knows it very well. We can give Masha the benefit of ignorance. He is a lawyer. Christina no. We’ve talked about it over and over. That is why in the Peronist government we took care of the price of food. Why do they do this? Because they want to generate resources by reducing the level of consumption to save on debt commitments,” he said.

The debt with the IMF

Detailing his debt payment proposal, Kirchnerism’s former commerce secretary said that To be paid by “the members of the Argentine Agricultural Society”although he clarified that he was referring to “those of Lavalle and Florida or Palermo, not those of Morteros”, i.e. “the great landowners of the wet pampas”.

In this sense, he said that first it is necessary to apply a “agricultural tenancy law” in the wet pump core zone where they “quickly lower the rental rates” on the fields and consequently “lower the cost to the producer, so you can put the deductions where they belong,” he said.

Following this line, he said that if you order the withholdings “you get $8 billion and $10 billion a year” that the country can use to repay the debt. And also, twice, he said that cutting export duties “will bring down the price of food.”

Regarding stocks, he pointed out that “you have to have a fiscal balance”. For this he stressed that it is necessary to first have a primary fiscal surplus. “With the fiscal balance, stocks end,” he said.

Regarding the agreement with the Fund, he considered that “technically it was done badly”. “What can Fund staff know about what is happening in Argentina? Guzmán was unable to make a good deal. If it is fulfilled we will go into a super recession. If not followed, to hyperinflation. Obviously we need to renegotiate the deal“, held.


Peronist government

The presidential candidate participated in the Candidates segment of the program minute one of C5N. When asked if he would support Unión por la Patria on a ballot against Together for Change, Moreno flatly denied it. “A government that increases the price of food is not Peronist. Any candidate who has unpopular proposals, Principles and Values ​​will not vote for him. This government is not Peronist, it is starving the people as Macri starved them. Therefore, he cannot be a Peronist,” he warned.

Finally, Moreno harshly questioned the members of La Cámpora, noting that “first they handed over the INDEC statistics, then they handed over their comrades, like Julio De Vido, and now they handed over the ideas, voting for Masa”.

“Let’s put an end to these progressive, neoliberal stories. We must have a Peronist government again. We must re-industrialize Argentina and increase the purchasing power of wages by reducing food,” concluded the Principles and Values ​​candidate .

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