In just 2 years, Ensino Einstein has more than 2.5 million unique users

For those who are not yet aware, the Albert Einstein Company offers, in addition to hospital services, a full portfolio of educational courses in the medical field. It ranges from High School to MBA and Master, and accompanies the entire professional journey. Even more interesting is to know that Einstein Teaching is just over 2 years old and surprisingly the investment has already paid off some time ago.

Image of two speakers on stage at the event
Débora Junqueira, left, and Alessandra Marouço (right) said how students’ faith in Academia Digital Einstein appears organically, since the platform was built to bring knowledge to the general interest / Photo: Giuliano Gonçalves

At the 2023 E-Commerce Brasil Forum, Débora Junqueira, Medical Coordinator at Einstein, and Alessandra Marouço, Head of Marketing at Ensino Einstein, talked about strategies for the success of the educational system.

According to Marouço, the original idea of ​​the project was to align the awareness with the capillary. “The awareness gain helped us with the organic approach. Many professionals created content within the platform, but there were still many challenges. So the students themselves started contributing content within the portal, which gave us a jump in the number of products on offer.”

new business model

Today, Einstein’s digital academy permeates all course teachings. To give you an idea of ​​the range of courses, there are approximately 60,000 students/year, who go through the entire commitment process at the academy. This loyalty, according to Junqueira, arises organically, since the platform was built with the aim of offering high-quality content for the general good.

“Initially we offered what was already there, according to the digital evolution of people, with the aim of evaporating the attraction. So we faced a challenge: ‘how do we encourage experts to produce free content?'”

The way out, according to her, was to encourage this professional with an indirect fee — that is, to value this person beyond the institution. So one page shows the authors curriculum and all their content that has already been produced. “We structured a presentation of the medical professional, with the field the person works in, to attract enthusiasts. Today, we have more than 900 writers producing content on a voluntary basis,” he says.

Quality and speed of content production

Before releasing the content, Academia Digital Einstein understood the consumer audience’s taste for the products. Videos, for example, will be around 20 minutes long. Additionally, the healthcare professional consuming the content is diverse, from radiology technicians to cardiac surgeons.

Therefore, in addition to being diverse, Einstein’s Teaching has another peculiar point: it must be up-to-date, as medical fields are subject to constant updates. Therefore, they have an expiration date within the platform – they are literally taken off the air on a scheduled basis.

Content types

In 2 years of academy on the air, today there are 5 million page views, more than 250 thousand members and 2.5 million unique users. These people are able to access free content in paid selection processes for Masters, MBAs and Masters, for example.

During this period, the academy has already sold more than 5,000 items, 94% of which in medium-high ticket products (postgraduate, MBA and postgraduate programs), worth approximately R$30,000.

Even social networks, which Academia uses to showcase products, are always stocked with content, a strategy that generates only a 15% bounce rate. Another curious thing about Einstein’s teaching platform: if before there was difficulty in attracting content producers, today there is a queue of experts in the field who offer material.

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