IMF loan to Macri ‘used to finance escape, not hospitals or roads’ | Massa tours the provinces of Mendoza and San Luis

A day after the payment of a new termination of the agreement with the IMF, the Minister of Economy and candidate for president of the Union for the Fatherland (UxP), Sergio Massa, He recalled that the debt contracted by the government of Mauricio Macri “was used to finance capital flight because it did not remain in companies, roads or hospitals”.

“The renegotiation puts the economy under strain, added to the current drought that has impacted $21 billion,” he added.

During his visit to Mendoza, Massa recalled that it is that historic loan of 45,000 million dollars, granted by the IMF — in violation of its own regulations — to the Macri government, which “You have to renegotiate every three months” and insisted: “It was used to finance the outflow of money from investment funds.

Beyond the “anchor” he inherited from the Makrista administration, Massa acknowledged that the country needs regaining “fiscal order in the accounts, accumulating reserves to make the currency strong” and that it is “a serious problem” because “we also need to have currency competitiveness so that sectors such as viticulture and tourism are competitive”.

For the Central Bank and against the songs of privatization

During the visit he made to the industrial company Mendoza IMPSA (Industrias Metalúrgicas Pescarmona SA), the Minister of Economy was asked for his opinion on the statements of Patricia Bullirch, who last night spoke that if he arrives at Casa Rosada he will present a plan then see “how does he make the agreement with the Fund and what does Masha leave you” and this He plans to come in with a TV camera to show the Central Bank’s reserves.

“They don’t know how Central Bank accounts work,” replied Massa and explained that the payment made yesterday to the IMF was based on the “exchange with Chinafor which the country has given 5,000 million dollars, of which to date it has used 3,400 million. China authorized the second tranche of $5,000 million and $1,700 million was paid directly from an Argentine account in Hong Kong.”

In addition, the Unión por la Patria presidential candidate said that, on the other hand, “the Latin American Development Bank CAF paid the other 1,000 million dollars. So whoever says this ignores the reality of Argentina’s accounts.”

During his tour, Massa highlighted Impsa as “one of the symbols of Mendoza and Argentina’s industrial development.”

“Not only do we have Impsa operating with 700 employees, with more than 92 projects and contracts in progress, about to start supplying the United States Navy, but we’re also dealing with a company that’s guaranteed the next four years.”

“Those thinking of privatizing it will not have to because Impsa has development and investment projects for the next four years.” said Massa, who toured the Center for Technological Research (CIT), where Impsa’s Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory works.

There, the industrial company carries out tests on reduced-scale models of all types of turbines, which makes it possible to simulate the conditions of a hydroelectric power plant and thus mobilize the turbine models.

The company, with 116 years of history, went through a serious crisis that ended with the sale of assets in 2018 and the resignation of the company by the Pescarmona family. As of 2020, when the company restructured its debt, the national government became the main shareholder, with 63.7%. The industrial company has a strong presence in the economy of Mendoza and in the world and produces work for more than 100 national SMEs.

Massa continues his federal journey

After his visit to Impsa, the minister met with entrepreneurs, wine producers and local entrepreneurs. and then plans a meeting with mayors, political leaders, mayoral candidates, local mayors.

The minister also announced the provision, through the Bank of Investment and Foreign Trade (BICE), a A 30-month productive investment line with a subsidized fixed interest rate in pesos and an 18-month grace period for frost-affected wine producers.

In the afternoon, as part of the federal tour he is carrying out throughout the country, Massa will visit the province of San Luis, where at 6:00 p.m. will have activity with entrepreneurs, agricultural producers, hoteliers and traders in the city of Potrero de los Funes. and at 8:00 p.m., he will lead a party event at the local PJ headquarters.

The minister was accompanied by the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development of the Nation, José Ignacio de Mendiguren. the president of Impsa, Gabriel Vienni; National Senator Anabel Fernández Sagasti; gubernatorial candidate Omar Parisi; provincial senator and anti-government candidate Lucas Ilardo; Tunuyán mayor and national congressional candidate Martín Aveiro; and National congressional candidate María Amalia Granata.

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