Elections 2023: point by point, what are Javier Milei’s pre-election proposals

Eleven days later PASSits presidential candidate Freedom advances, Javier Mileyhe listed the campaign promises he will fight on 2023 elections, which contain a strong financial footprint. Before rolling out his government programme, he summarized: “We will propose a series of successive reforms give freedom back to argentinians“.

Their analysis of the situation preceding the proposals concluded that “Argentina has not developed in decades“because there is “a collectivist model that seeks to concentrate all the economic decisions of individuals in the hands of some bureaucrats”. “With the same as always we will become the Miserable village largest in the world,” he summarized.

The 8 ministries of Javier Milei: What are they?

As you begin your speech, Javier Miley he considered that “the Argentine state is the main cause of the impoverishment of Argentines”. In this context he promised that “his first governmental action will be to promote a total reform of the state”, promising it abolition of all ministries with the exception of seven, at the same time that one more will be created:

  • 1. Ministry Economy.
  • 2. Ministry Justice.
  • 3. Ministry Interior.
  • 4. Ministry Security.
  • 5. Ministry Defensive.
  • 6. Ministry Foreign relations.
  • 7. Ministry Infrastructure.
  • 8. The Ministry of Human Capital.

In this context, 11 ministries will be abolished: the Ministry Healththe Ministry Educationthe Ministry Workthe Ministry Social developmentthe Ministry Habitatthe Ministry Science and technologythe Ministry environment and Sustainable Developmentthe Ministry civilizationthe Ministry Gender and Diversitythe Ministry Transport and the Ministry Tourism and Sports.

On the same wavelength and considering that they are “being used as a shelter for political gnocchi”, he announced that they will proceed with the closure or privatization of “all public enterprises” and specifically listed those for journalistic and cultural purposes: telam, Public Television, INCAA m INADI.

About the possibility layoffs of civil servants Should these measures be taken, he pointed out that “we are not going to fire any career civil servants” but that they will be reassigned, although he will proceed to fire “all politicians and appointments made in the year 2023“.

Javier Milei Victoria Villarruel

Javier Milei with Victoria Villarruel during the announcement of his government program.

Javier Milei with Victoria Villarruel during the announcement of his government program.

Javier Milei’s Economic Plan: its main measures

To develop its financial guidelines, Javier Miley he understood that all announcements are given with his certainty that “the only model that works to develop a country is the model of freedom: Limited state, free trade and respect for private property“.

From there, he listed a series of reforms:

  • Drastic reduction in public spending: “reduce spending by 15% of PBI“.
  • tax reduction: “remove 90% of existing taxes that only impact about 2% of PBI in terms of collection but hinder the functioning of the economy.
  • Job Update: “We will proceed with a reform of it Argentina labor system to go to a model like the one that has implemented the UOCRA with a plan of unemployment insurance with greater economic depth. […]. This model will allow eight million Argentines that are outside the system can be integrated into it’.
  • commercial opening: “Unilateral Chilean trade opening. Since our reforms will make Argentine companies competitive in the world, trade opening will open up a market of 8,000 million people.”
  • monetary reform:”Eliminate the Central Bank to end inflation forever. […] We develop alternative plans for the repayment of obligations and that after the elimination of Banco Central Argentinians can trade in their preferred currency.”
  • Energy reform: “The current energy system is underinvested, underfunded, inefficient and at risk of collapse. Supply-side subsidies distort the price signal that the market needs to make the economic calculation necessary for investment and growth.” In this sense, he stated that it is necessary”abolition of financial subsidies“? “implement, apply realistic fee schedules“; “reconfiguration of regulatory entities”, “migration to a system of apply for a subsidy for those Argentinian families who demand it.”
  • Investment promotion: “We are going to promote an investment regime that will focus on mining, hydrocarbons, renewable energy and forestry.” To do this, they will promote: “removal of exchange restrictionsabolishing the collection of export duties and creating a special regime to promote long-term investments”.
  • agrarian reform: “For us the countryside will be one of our main allies. We want to be the bread basket of the world again.” To this end, among other measures, they will promote:remove all ties and export duties” and “sanction of a Law on seeds“.

On judicial reform by Javier Milei

In the presentation of his pre-election proposals, the candidate for the president of La Freedom advances he considered that “the justice has been co-opted by politicians in recent decades and instead of acting as a defender of the rights of individuals, it has been used for chase the opponents The they favor friends“.

Therefore, he promised to proceed “to a justice reform which has as its end the depoliticization of justice and the defense of the fundamental rights of Argentines”.

In this context, Javier Miley he promised a series of appointments he would make: “his judge Supreme Court who today has a vacancy”; “to fill his vacancy Attorney General of the Nation currently working on a temporary basis”; “to fill all vacancies in federal courts in the country”.

He further promised to “establish the jury trial as determined by the National Constitution“? “reform the Judicial Council“? “elimination of its agencies and decentralized agencies Ministry of Justice the purpose of which is to promote positive discrimination to ensure the principle of equality before the law”; “ttransfer of national justice to the city of Buenos Aires“.

Government plan by Javier Milei

The guidelines he listed were:

  • Drastic reduction in public spending.
  • Tax reduction.
  • Modernization of work.
  • Unilateral trade opening.
  • Monetary reform.
  • Energy reform.
  • Agrarian reform.
  • Reform of the Judicial System.
  • Free educational option.
  • Modification of the public health system.
  • New security doctrine.
  • Reorganization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.
  • Total abolition of public works.


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