What is the labor reform that Bullrich is seeking if he reaches the Presidency?

In the final straight in front of the Election 2023 Several politicians make their various proposals known every day in case they reach the Presidency. In this context, the former Minister Production and work, Dante Sicawho is part of the financial team of the presidential candidate Patricia Bullrichreveal what it is labor reform which the former Minister of Security intends to implement if she wins.

“In recent years its quantity and quality official jobit has even gotten worse in terms of income, and what is increasing is informal employment,” he began by arguing Dante Sica in statements on Radio Con Vos, while assuring that “there are more numbers, less numbers, 5 million less informal workers”.

“Not all of the responsibility for this issue of labor regulations is due, but it clearly has one of the main roles,” the former official explained to give his position on his proposal Patricia Bullrich.

“The first thing you have to think about is that you have to adapt all the labor regulations that Argentina has today, first to the new conditions of the world of work and the world of companies. You have to try to give them rights and make a package where they can All these workers in the labor market have rights, but the rights have remained strong. And that’s kind of one of the main issues. And if you like, we need to recreate and improve employability conditions,” Sica said.

However, the former official elaborated: “On the one hand you have to reduce the cost of uncertainty about the job opportunity. There is a mistake in saying that you want to abolish compensation. Compensation is part, if you will, of the law on contracts of employment and it’s a vested right and it’s an issue that nobody wants to touch. What you need to improve is the exit uncertainty because it’s a whole system created by defects due to irregularities.”

“When SMEs take on staff, they have a lot of difficulty in terms of exit uncertainty and so that’s one of the issues, if you like, that affects you. So there you have to clear a lot of regulations, from fines that give laps, which have created what, if you like, the testing industry is called comically, that somehow you have to clear and you have to give it a lot of clarity and a lot of certainty about the cost, both input and output” he concluded.. sica.

Patricia Bullrich proposes to return to the flexible core of the “Banelco” law.

As Ámbito expected, the labor reform is promoted by the candidate president of Together for Change Patricia Bullrich reproduces, in at least three of its central axes, the flexible objective contained in Law 25,250 ratified in 2000 by the government of Fernando de la Rua with an institutional scandal that led to the resignation of the then vice president, Carlos “Chacho” Alvarez.

It is that, like Bullrich’s proposals, the rule called “Banelco” because of suspicions that it was facilitated through the payment of alleged bribes to Peronist senators, was based on the end of overactivity (the guarantee of the validity of labor agreements beyond its formal expiration); the decentralization of collective bargaining and the reduction of employer fees, among others.

The heart of former Security Minister Mauricio Macri’s – and De la Rúa’s Labor – initiative was laid out by the petitioner herself this week at the Agricultural Society exhibition in Palermo. In just five minutes, he listed many of the elements that coincided with the law that ended the Alliance in 2000 and ushered in a period of political attrition and a crackdown on protests that led to the resignation of the government in December the following year. .

Bullrich also added other topics that are not included in this template but are always in the r menulabor forms of anti-union bias and aimed at removing barriers to protection for workers. Among them, and coincidentally with the concept of its competitor within the JXC, Horacio Rodriguez Laretaraised the need for “Disarmament of the Judicial System” of work, as well as “fines and interest that are impossible” in an allusion to the penalties imposed on employers who fall outside the norm. He also proposed capping severance pay at six wages and extending the construction union’s (Uocra) stoppage payment to other issues.

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