TODAY ONLY! Join the University of Miles and compete for prizes of 50,000 Livelo points – First Class Passenger

Sign up for Miles University Class 2 are officially open! 🎉 Once again we are diving incessantly into the universe of TAP Miles&Go – TAP’s loyalty program. The special starting term is R$697. Anyone who registers by 23:59 today (01) will be entered to win prizes of 50,000 Livelo points and 1 year of free and unlimited access to W Premium Group VIP lounges.

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Class 2, it’s your turn

In Group 2 of the TAP Miles&Go course, you will learn what many students in the first group have already put into practice: valuable tips and tricks for issuing Business and First Class tickets. And of course, if your business is traveling and the cabin doesn’t matter, you’ll also learn tips and tricks for booking tickets in Economy Class!

And if you’re wondering “But why TAP Miles&Go?”see some reasons below:

  • The program offers a very profitable fixed ticketing table.
  • It has the cheapest round the world tickets in the world.
  • It issues tickets for 31 airlines – including Star Alliance carriers (such as Air Canada, Lufthansa, SWISS, Turkish and United) and non-Alliance carriers (such as Azul and Emirates).
  • It is a partner of 7 major banks in Brazil (Banco do Brasil, Banco PAN, Bradesco, CAIXA, C6 Bank, Itaú and Porto Bank).
  • It is a hit with the audience at the Passageiro de Primeira (the Guia do TAP Miles&Go is one of the most read articles on PP since its inception).

Easy to see why, isn’t it?

its value investment

Only in the next few hours you can register for 697 BRL. This is the best condition for enrolling in the University of the Miles. The full price of the course is 897 BRL.

You can pay by credit card, PIX, debit card, direct debit, PayPal and Google Pay. It is possible to make hybrid payments (such as card + PIX) or even use two cards in the same purchase.

TODAY only! 🔥 Draw Livelo points and access to VIP rooms

Students who register by 23:59 on Tuesday (01) will compete for:

Information about the raffles will be announced soon.

Registration, Access and Support Period

See the summary of the periods related to the TAP Miles&Go course:

  • Registration period: between August 1st and 3rd (until Thursday!).
  • Course access period: 6 months.
  • Support period: 6 months.

What will you get?

Here’s what you’ll get as a student in Group 2 of the TAP Miles&Go course:

  • More than 4 hours of video lessons.
  • Updated support material with more than 10 new classes.
  • Support with the University of Miles team.
  • Access to our student WhatsApp group (you will meet people with similar goals to yours, learn a lot and share knowledge).
  • Gift! Best shows from the First Passenger team.
  • Gift! Conversation with Fábio Vilela.

*The update to the new version of the support material is also available for “Turma Zero” students.

From basics to advanced

In the TAP Miles&Go course we teach from basic to advanced. The first modules were constructed to balance beginner and advanced knowledge. The latter are dedicated to researching award ticket availability. We share our screen and teach you how to issue tickets for Star Alliance airlines (such as Air Canada, Lufthansa, SWISS, Turkish and United) and non-Alliance airlines (such as Emirates and Azul).

The final touch is the actual reports of ticket issuances by him PP. It is enriching and fun to hear these stories! We end with an informal and relaxed conversation with the real one “First Passenger” – Fabio Villela.

Student testimonials

More than 500 students participate in TAP Miles&Go’s ‘Group Zero’ and we usually get lots (really lots!) of positive feedback. Carlos, for example, thanked him for the knowledge he shared in the student WhatsApp group:

– “This team is fantastic!!! In addition to all the learning with the PP team, we have several colleagues who are always willing to help and guide less experienced students like me. ! God bless you, Nice shows everyone!”

Islando, another UDM student, emailed us saying that the course was the icing on the cake he was missing to make his shows happen. See below:

– “My name is Islando and I would like to give my feedback on all the learning gained in the course. I already knew some information, but the course added a lot, missing the icing on the cake for my shows. After all the learning so far, I was able to issue professionally to my wife and I, exactly on the dates and destination I wanted. I have to say he went through the whole process with ease. I also took advantage of the posted offers to top up my miles and get the issues done. I received one-way availability from GRU-IST-CAI and returned to IST-GRU the following August. Even with the Turks high fees I still think it was a big deal. I would like to thank everyone at UM, without all of your help and attention it would have been difficult to achieve these issues in such a short time.”

What about Kelly issuing Business Class for the whole family?

– “I just issued 5 miles tickets to Italy in July, for me, my husband and my three daughters.”

There are testimonies everywhere – which fills us with joy!

It’s good to remember

In accordance with our usual transparency, we would like to remind you of some important points:

  • Award ticket availability, although still low, has improved significantly (and evidence of this is the various issues our students are doing).
  • This is not a course for anyone looking to earn extra income and/or sell miles. University of the Miles follows the “PP Philosophy” teach and provide travel experiences;
  • First Class Passenger follows (and will continue to offer) free quality content.


It’s your chance to take off on the journey of maximum knowledge with the #1 mile team. 1 from Brazil!

Special disclaimer applies only in the next few hours. Also remember that anyone who registers by 23:59 on Tuesday (01) will be in the running for 50,000 Livelo Points Awards and free access to VIP lounges! 🔥

Get ready to embark on a world of incredible experiences!

Register by Thursday (03) at this link.

The TAP Air Portugal and Universidade das Milhas® brands are not affiliated or connected. Both have different activities and responsibilities.

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