The new PAC will be launched on August 11, Lula says

In the mobility sector, in addition to rail, metro and BRT lines, announcements are expected on incentives for electric bus fleets. In São Paulo, Tarcísio has already listed the CPTM and subway projects


On social media, President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva announced this Tuesday, August 1, 2023, that next 11th he will announce the launch of the PAC (Development Acceleration Program).

“At 11 we will start the PAC in Rio de Janeiro. But first, we will go to Belém, together with other Amazonian countries, to hold a big meeting to make a proposal for COP 28, in the United Arab Emirates.” – Lula said on his weekly live and wrote on his social media accounts.

One of the banners of Lula’s second-term administration in 2007, the PAC for the year 2023 should have six main lines: transport, urban, social infrastructure, basic sanitation, communications and energy.

In the area of ​​mobility, in addition to train lines, subways and BRTs (Bus Rapid Transit corridors), announcements are expected on incentives for electric bus fleets.

Estimates for electrical collectives are from the first half, so until then an announcement was expected for July 2, 2023.

On June 2, 2023, during a visit to bus electrification technology manufacturer Eletra, from São Bernardo do Campo, President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva promised that the federal government would support municipalities to adopt electric bus fleets in the coming years.

On the occasion, Lula did not give details of what the support will look like, but emphasized that the Union will not remain idle in the face of the need to renew the city’s fleets.

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Regardless of political parties and currents, governors monitor federal funds.

Many are already preparing so that when the program starts, they can get into projects and projects.

An example is Governor Tarcísio de Freitas, in São Paulo.

On July 21, 2023, CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos) opened a tender for the recruitment of a company responsible for the financial management of the extension work of Line 9-Esmeralda.

According to the CPTM, the investment program of the Federal Government, through the PAC, foresees the execution of engineering interventions to carry out the extension of line 9, Grajaú – Varginha section, which includes the construction of stations, permanent route, aerial network, substations and parallel switch cabins, according to the needs of customers and the population bordering the CPTM right-of-way.

“For the execution of the planned works and implants, the continuity of management is necessary to promote the physical monitoring and financing of the business, the management of interdependence, always ensuring the correct use of resources and transparency in financial statements”the company informed.

The businesses that will be managed by the company that wins the bid are part of the Company’s Objective Plan, so they are in line with the Business Plan approved by CPTM’s Board of Directors.

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CPTM abre licitação para contratar gerenciamento de recursos do PAC nas obras da Linha 9-Esmeralda

Tarcísio wants to include the extension of Line 2-Green of the Metro, from the eastern zone of the capital Paulista to Guarulhos in the new PAC.

Other projects that should be included by Tarcísio in the list of priorities to receive PAC money are the Intercity Train (TIC), between São Paulo and Campinas, and the construction of the Santos-Guarujá tunnel.

The extension of line 9, line 2 in Guarulhos, the TIC São Paulo – Campinas and the Santos-Guarujá tunnel will require investments of more than R$30 billion.

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transport

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