The key points of the labor reform that Patricia Bullrich wants

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  • The key points of labor reform that Patricia Bullrich thinks about
  • Labor reform: what will happen to severance pay

Mauricio Macri’s former Minister of Production and Labor and current member his financial team Patricia Bullrich focused on workplaceDante Sica, gave statements where he expected what the policy of the portfolio he held between 2018 and 2019 in a possible presidential administration of the candidate of Together for Change.

In a dialogue with journalist Ernesto Tenembaum on Radio Con Vos, the former minister explained that the greater difficulty in the labor market is that “Argentina it creates very low quality and completely informal work. In recent years, the quantity and quality of formal work has stagnated, it has even worsened in terms of income, and what is increasing is informal employment,” and he clarified that “there are more numbers, fewer numbers, 5 million informal workers“.

not all are to blame this is due to its theme labor regulationsbut it clearly has one of the main roles. So the first thing to think about is this All the labor regulations that Argentina has today need to be adjustedfirst in the new conditions of the world of work and the world of companies,” he commented, predicting what a labor reform in a government headed by Bullrich.

Dante Sica, former Minister of Production of Mauricio Macri and advisor to Patricia Bullrich.

“We need to recreate and improve employability conditions”despus aggregate.

The key points of labor reform that Patricia Bullrich thinks about

Before the proposal, Tenembaum asked about it What are your specific ideas for fixing the problem?to which Sika replied that “On the one hand we must reducing the cost of uncertainty compared with work performance. There is a mistake in the matter that they say they want to abolish compensations. Indemnities are part, if you like, of employment contract law and are a vested rightand it is a matter which nobody wants to touch it. what you should improvement is uncertainty exit because it is a whole system created by failures due to irregularities.’

“When the media take on staff, they have many difficulties in terms of production uncertainty and therefore that is one of the matters, if you like, that affects you. so oh many regulations need to be clearedof fines circulating, which have created what, if you like, is called cartoonish the testing industry, which somehow you have to clean up and you have to give it a lot of clarity and a lot of it certainty about costs, both inputs and outputs“Sika deepened.

Towards the end of the radio interview, Tenembaum laid out the vision of a worker who can fear of labor reform as what Sika posits means “fewer interruptions”, “less compensation” or “less stability”. “Tell me, of all these ghosts, which ones are real and which ones aren’t,” asked the reporter.

Labor reform: what will happen to severance pay

Acquired rights are acquired rights“, replied the former minister, “his issues reparations no one is going to touch themcompensation is a concept that is on the subject of dismissal and is to be retained. Holiday issues are part of the labor gridso that will not touch“, sum.

“Again, You have to adjust all the conditions, there are individual rights having to do with salary and holidaysand there is rights which are if you like more collective having to do with ways of performing the work. This is what we have to do update and modernize, and no one will lose rights. On the contrary, what we think and want to do is to shape working frameworks that give birth to rights” he concluded.

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