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A Mastercard launches a ‘The Club by Mastercard Black’, its third VIP lounge at Guarulhos International Airportaiming to expand its business with high income.

“The Club by Mastercard Black” reinforces the company’s proposition of offering exclusive benefits to its traveling customers.

The new environment is designed to provide an experience full of refinement and comfort while international travel passengers wait for their flights.

“It’s no news that Mastercard cardholders can enjoy access to a long list of benefits and insurance that come with the card, giving them the flexibility to explore the places and activities that matter most to them. When we create a space like The Club by Mastercard Black for our high-income audience, in addition to a serene environment in which consumers can relax, we must also value exclusivity and privacy.” explains Ana Karina Scarlato, Vice President of Products at Mastercard Brasil.

The VIP room is located in Terminal 3 of Guarulhos International Airport and opens from 10am. until 23:30. and is exclusively for guests, Unlike other lounges where you just need to present your Black Card.

The space has facilities such as breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner with hot and cold dishes, salad bar and healthy options, tea service, coffee machine, drinks bar with wine, beers, soft drinks and bathroom.

The Club by Mastercard Black - new exclusive VIP Lounge at Guarulhos Airport

Tom Note

It is true that lately there has been a banalization of Mastercard Black cards by issuing banks and this was reflected in the overcrowding of Mastercard lounges at Guarulhos airport.

In my first post about the new salon on June 14th, I said that the brand’s stance of only choosing two publishers for access to the new salon was absurd, which even caused quite a bit of controversy.

However, today, we had word from some readers that the lounge no longer accepts the Santander Unlimited card for access, leaving exclusive access to Itaú The One cardholders.

On the other hand, the post highlights the official information, i.e. according to Mastercard the room is exclusive to guests.

We are in contact with Mastercard and the new lounge to confirm the exclusivity information with the Itaú The One card, but have not heard back so far.

If such a policy is confirmed, the ideal would be to place the Itaú brand at the entrance of the lounge, instead of the Mastercard Black brand.

What do you think of the new The Club by Mastercard lounge in Terminal 3 at Guarulhos Airport and the access policy?

Leave your views in the comments below.

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