The 10 most expensive sofas in the world

The ONYX sofa, created by Peugeot Design Lab — Photo: Disclosure

The sofa is the most important piece of furniture in a living room. Whatever the model or size, it will always be there – ready to accommodate its users at any time of the day. In addition to the key piece in decoration, wallpaper is also a source of emotional memories, as many special moments are shared around them, making them truly special within a home.

This furniture appeared in the Middle East and the people of Ancient Egypt were among the first to create sofas. However, unlike today, they were pieces intended for the wealthy and powerful population of society. From the 16th century, the scenario changed and the craftsmen in Europe started making this piece of furniture so that it became popular.

One thing is certain when it comes to luxury: there are no limits to its flamboyance and figures. Not coincidentally, the most expensive sofas in the world tend to be works of art and exclusive design pieces, often custom-made by famous designers and using rare or very high-quality materials. Although prices may vary over time, these ultra-luxurious pieces of furniture are generally produced in limited editions and reserved for a very select clientele.

Next, meet the 10 most luxurious sofas on the planet (some not so comfortable):

1. The Huanghuali sofa bed

The Huanghuali Couch Bed — Photo: Disclosure

Considered an outstanding example of elegant modeling and proportions, this is the most expensive sofa in the world, estimated at BRL 13 million. Despite its simple appearance, its value lies in its history: the sofa-bed was made for the Ming Dynasty in China and is considered a rare piece of the era.

2. The high-waisted Huanghuali Luohan Chuang (16th-17th century)

The High-Waisted Huanghuali Luohan Chuang — Photo: Divulgação

After spending years disassembled in a warehouse, the The Tall Midshipman Huanghuali Luohan Chuang found in Hong Kong and valued at its price 8 million BRL. It is also a rare example of late Ming Dynasty woodwork.

3. Original D Sofa

Original D sofa, designed by Ron Arad — Photo: Disclosure

Organically created by designer Ron Arad, this sofa is made of steel and hand painted. In 2021, one of its three prototypes D Sofa sold by Philips auction house for 7 million BRL.

4. The Ambassador Sofa

The Ambassador Sofa, created by Jean Royère — Photo: Disclosure

Upholstered in velvet, this sofa was designed in 1955 by designer Jean Royère. THE Ambassador Sofa created especially for the Ambassador Hotel in Jerusalem. The mobile phone was sold by 4 million BRL to auction in 2021.

5. The Polar Bear sofa

The Polaire Ours sofa, designed by Jean Royère — Photo: Disclosure

the french designer Jean Royere it is also the mind behind this exclusive piece of furniture. With details in oak and bright yellow in its composition, there are only 300 units of it The polar bear sofa in the world. The very limited edition caused the track to be evaluated BRL 3.5 millionmaking it the fifth most expensive sofa in the world.

6. The sofa and side table

The sofa and side table, designed by designer Pierre Chareau — Photo: Disclosure

Designed by French designer and architect Pierre Chareau, this sofa was sold BRL 2.2 million. The piece of furniture is two in one, with a table built into the side, and experts say the designer’s signature style is on full display in this creation.

7. The Couch From Kersey Coates Reed House

The Couch From Kersey Coates Reed House, made by designer Jean-Michel Frank — Photo: Disclosure

Made around the 1930s by French designer Jean-Michel Frank, the sofa was the library of interior designer Frances Elkins’ home in Illinois. Years later it was sold for approx. R$893 million.

8. The ONYX sofa

The ONYX sofa, created by Peugeot Design Lab — Photo: Disclosure

Sold by R$877 million, this sofa is three meters long and made of carbon fiber and volcanic lava stone. Produced by Peugeot Design Lab in 2014. Who said sofas have to be comfortable, right?

9. The Molesworth sofa

The Molesworth sofa, by furniture designer Thomas Molesworth — Photo: Disclosure

With Chimayo wool weaving in its composition, the furniture was designed by the furniture designer Thomas Molesworth. The couch that is considered a great symbol of the American West has been sold R$834 millionfrom Sotheby’s auction house.

10. The nickel couch

The Nickel sofa, designed by American welder Johnny Swing — Photo: Disclosure

Produced in the 2000s by the American designer and welder Johnny Swing, this sofa is made of welded nickel. The piece of furniture has a stainless steel structure and is a rare piece. It later sold for approx. R$ 655 millionwhich made it into the list of the most expensive sofas in the world.

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