Notoriety: what is it and how to use it to build an identity of great recognition and admiration?

Before I explain what reputation is and how you can use this important resource in your professional career, I need to introduce myself.

I am a journalist by training, I have an MBA in digital marketing from FGV and hundreds of courses in different areas of knowledge such as sales, marketing, innovation, technology, image, among others.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked in three communications and digital marketing agencies, one of which was founded 100% by me, which I still work with today, halo bad reputation.

I had the opportunity to meet numerous representatives of small, medium and large local and national companies, interviewing them on all kinds of communication vehicles from different places in Brazil, such as televisions, radios, magazines, print newspapers and online portals.

More than working on numerous communications, digital marketing and reputation projects across the country, over the course of these two decades I have become a point of reference in terms of reputation, whether leading my department, whose focus is on the field of political constructions, or terms of reputation, where they have empowered startup entrepreneurs and several entrepreneurs, representatives and partners through education, lectures, coaching and reputation consulting services.

The fact is, all of this background has led me to become the entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and mentor that I am today. I realized that all people can have fame in their career.

And that’s what motivated me to establish the educational project earlier this year. The most worthy youthe purpose of which is to provide more fame to all who want to become more professionally engaged.

All that said, here is my invitation for you to join me, from now on, here at Economic Council. Weekly I will cover topics from the fame universe.

I want to show you that to have a reputation you need ACTION, internal and external. More than helping you understand, in a simple way, how to gain more fame, I want to guide you to use all this to your advantage.

Here I will show you how communication channels work, how you can use digital media, how to make algorithms work in your favor, how to be a well-connected stakeholder, how your image “speaks” for you, what your role is and how it affects your business relationships with strategic partners and/or clients, including how to use reputation to make money.

Having said that, let’s get to the topic of the day: What is fame and how to use it to build an identity of great recognition and admiration?

Notoriety is a fascinating concept that cuts across different walks of life, from the business world to the entertainment industry. It refers to the ability to stand out, be known and admired for your skills, contributions and achievements in a particular field.

The pursuit of fame can be a goal pursued by many individuals and companies, as it is inherently associated with the recognition and fame that comes with success.

For individuals, fame can open doors to new business opportunities, strategic partnerships, and even be a source of inspiration for others.

Notorious people are often seen as references in their fields of expertise, and their expertise is valued and sought after by others seeking growth and learning.

However, it is important to emphasize the difference between fame and reputation. While fame is often associated with public exposure and instant popularity, fame is deeper and more sustainable.

It is built over time, on a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and actions relevant to society. Fame may be fleeting, but fame is earned by constant and consistent effort. Day by day!

Reputation building involves many elements, such as dedication, passion, authenticity and resilience. It is the result of a journey of growth, learning and overcoming challenges.

Moreover, reputation is intrinsically linked to the reputation and image of an individual or a company. A solid and positive reputation is built through ethical actions, transparency and accountability.

Public image also plays a key role in reputation. How a person or company is perceived by the public is influenced by their communications, behaviors and interactions.

It is important to convey a consistent and authentic message to enhance public image and trust.

In summary, fame is a valuable achievement that goes beyond fleeting fame. It is the result of continuous effort, the search for excellence and a significant contribution to society.

Fame can open doors, create opportunities and inspire others, creating a legacy that transcends time and space. So it’s a journey worth taking with determination and purpose.

Below I list 12 actions that will help you become more valuable:

  1. Discover your passion and purpose: Determine what you love to do and what you’re really good at. Find your passion and set a clear purpose for your journey to fame.
  2. Be excellent in your field: Strive for excellence in your skills and knowledge. Be recognized for your expertise and the quality of your work.
  3. Build a solid personal brand: Define your personal and professional identity. Clearly communicate your values, mission and goals through your personal brand.
  4. Share your knowledge: Share your knowledge and experience through blogs, videos, lectures and social networks. Show your authority and passion for what you do.
  5. Strategic Networking: Connect with influential people and well-known professionals in your field. Networking can open doors to new opportunities and partnerships.
  6. Attend events and conferences: Be present at events relevant to your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. Attending speaking engagements, workshops, and conferences increases your exposure and networking opportunities.
  7. Contribute to the community: Be active in groups, forums or associations related to your area. Contribute ideas, help other professionals and become an active member of the community.
  8. Seek media exposure: Write articles for websites and magazines, be interviewed on podcasts or radio programs. Media is a powerful way to reach a wider audience.
  9. Be authentic and transparent: Maintain an authentic and transparent attitude in your actions and communications. Honesty builds trust and credibility.
  10. Learn from others: Be willing to learn from well-known and successful professionals. Read books, listen to podcasts and take classes to improve your skills.
  11. Be prepared for challenges: The journey to fame can be challenging. Be ready to face obstacles, learn from mistakes and move forward with determination.
  12. Persistence: Reputation is built over time. Stay focused on your vision and persevere even when things seem difficult.

Have questions about reputation? Comment here on this text! See you next week!

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