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The following text was published on the game’s official website.

Hello travelers!

After the release of the last chat, we received a lot of attention from Travelers, and the development team looks forward to continuing to communicate with everyone. Then let’s check the chat content this time~


We paid close attention to travelers’ comments about artifacts. As they are such an important part of the game experience, the developers are constantly optimizing them for future versions.

After the 4.0 update, travelers will be able to enjoy the following content:

· Storage limit for Artifacts in Inventory increased from 1,500 to 1,800.

· Added 8 sets of artifacts to be redeemed in the Synthesis Meter Artifact Offers menu.

·Optimized the item destruction function in the inventory. 4 star artifacts will be able to be imported quickly.

We still have other plans related to improving Artifacts, so we would like to share some ideas with you:

· Block artifacts

Developers are looking for a way to reduce the cost of maintaining Artifacts to improve the traveler experience. We’ll be optimizing the lock feature so travelers can more easily locate items that need to be locked.

· Equip the artifacts

We are discussing a new method to help travelers select and equip Artifacts faster.

Specific details of the above optimizations are up for discussion. Once we confirm these details, we will present them to you in the following conversations.

〓New content preview〓

Next, we’ll share with you some new content in Version 4.0. Let’s check!

· Add weapons to the Battle Pass

The weapons that can be selected in the Battle Pass Bundle will be expanded to 10 types. After unlocking Gnostic’s Battle Pass and reaching BP Lv.30, you will be able to choose one of these weapons as a reward. We will present all the details of the new weapons in the official release notes that will be released in the future.

·New “Watch Duel” mode in Holy Call of the Seven

Travelers can watch an ongoing game of Holy Call of the Seven from their friends or team menu in multiplayer mode.

* Through the duel settings functions, you can choose to allow other players to watch the match. (By default, multiplayer world friends and guests can watch duels)

· Some platforms will support gyroscope in Joystick mode

PC, PS4™ and PS5™ platforms will have joystick gyro support and tweaks. For more details, see the Release 4.0 Update Description that we will publish soon.

〓New Adventure Chapter – Fontaine〓

In the next version, the Travelers will go to Fontaine, the nation of justice. Fontaine has a huge water area. Under the Extra-Oceanic Water Blessing, everyone will be able to freely dive into the water and explore Fontaine’s special landscapes.

Before you start your journey, here are two valuable adventure tips:

1. After the Version 4.0 update, if travelers have already completed the Archon of Mondstadt Quest, a Teleport point will be automatically unlocked in Sumeru’s Farakhkert Realm. Travelers can use this Teleport Point to fast travel to Fontaine.

(*If you want to advance Fontaine’s story progress, it is recommended that you complete Archon’s Quest: Chapter III – Act VI “Caribert”. )

2. The Multilayer Map feature will be officially available after the 4.0 update. This feature can help travelers more easily explore and better understand the topography of Teyvat. In addition to the Fontaine area, the Multilayer Map feature will also be updated in some already open areas.

More information about Fontaine will be available in the Special Edition 4.0 Program. Stay tuned!

〓Thoughts about the future…〓

With the release of the new version, travelers will be able to explore a lot of new content. The developers also noticed that the Daily Quests mechanism is not flexible enough.

What we would like to share is that we are preparing an optimization to these mechanisms. When the time comes, travelers will be able to earn daily rewards in new ways. More details will be presented to you in the following conversations.

Discussion with Developers ends here. If we have new development information, we will note it and share it with everyone as soon as possible.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please send us your feedback through the in-game and out-of-game channels!

Version 4.0 Broadcast

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