Father’s Day promises to heat up commerce in Santa Cruz

The first few days of August should be full of heavy trading due to Father’s Day. The date, which takes place this month on the 13th, gives a good expectation of sales in the local trade, especially in stores that focus more on clothes, shoes, cosmetics, among other items aimed at the same.

CDL Santa Cruz president Ricardo Fernando Bartz explains that the date should be busy. “Father’s Day is traditional in families and it’s hard not to give a father a gift. Thus, retailers expect an increase in business in early August,” he explained.

Bartz also pointed out that according to research carried out by the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) and the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brasil), in collaboration with Offerwise Research, 68% of consumers intend to buy gifts this year on Valentine’s Day Father. . In practical terms, this means that around 110.5 million people are expected to gift their loved ones on the second Sunday in August, a numerical increase of 8.7 million compared to last year.

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The survey also shows an increase in the number of people who plan to spend more in 2023. According to respondents, 36% plan to spend more from 2022 (especially among men), 35% the same amount and 17% want to spend less (down 9 percentage points compared to 2022, especially women and the C/D/E classes).


As in the previous year, clothing represents the most purchase intentions for the date (52%), followed by perfumes and cosmetics (34%), footwear (34%) and accessories (24%), such as socks, belts, glasses, wallet and watch. The vast majority of consumers (76%) intend to pay for the gift in cash, mainly in PIX (30%) and cash (24%). On the other hand, 37% intend to pay in installments, especially with a credit card (33%). On average there will be 4.2 installments, an increase of 0.5 over 2022.

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The survey also points out that 83% intend to pay for the gift alone, while 13% will share it with siblings (36%), spouse (25%) and other family members (21%). Among them, 31% plan to split the payment for gifts to give a better/more expensive gift, 28% want to cut costs and 22% because the prices are too high. Among respondents, 62% plan to introduce their father, 19% their husband, 11% their children’s father and 9% their father-in-law.

physical stores

Most respondents (74%) intend to shop in physical channels, mainly malls (31%), popular malls (17%) and department stores (16%). However, 39% plan to shop online, especially on websites (73%), apps (70%) and Instagram (22%).

Among those who will shop on websites and online stores, 54% will use the websites of national retailers, 52% of international retailers, 33% of shopping and 31% of department store websites.

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Gift CDL with you

Another raffle from the CDL Presente com Você campaign will be held for Father’s Day, August 18, at 5pm, in Praça Getúlio Vargas, Casa da CDL. The aim is to promote local trade and the idea is to encourage action on important dates throughout the year. Every BRL 50.00 you spend on purchases at stores participating in the promotion entitles you to receive a voucher to enter the draw. The promotion is sponsored by Afubra, Valecross and Sicredi.

See the list of awards

  • A R$100.00 shopping voucher at participating stores.
  • A R$150.00 shopping voucher from Bela Casa Materials for Construction.
  • A R$150.00 shopping voucher from Gasima Materials Elétricos.
  • A R$150.00 shopping voucher from the Certel Store.
  • A R$500.00 shopping voucher from Bela Casa Materials for Construction.
  • A R$500.00 shopping voucher from Gasima Materials Elétricos.
  • A R$500.00 shopping voucher at the Certel Store.
  • A shopping voucher worth R$1,500 from the Afubra store.
  • A shopping voucher worth R$4,000 at the Afubra store.
  • A R$5,000 shopping voucher to be used at participating companies.

This Father’s Day campaign is supported by Bela Casa Materials for Construction, Gasima Electric Materials and Certel Store.


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