Can people become brands?

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But what is a Brand?

I can take a risk and define it as a A SIGN DEMONSTRATING A PICTURE. At first, it may seem strange, but we can rely on semiotics, which is the science that studies all languages, verbal and non-verbal, and analyzes through signs how an object is represented by an interpreter.

Faced with several definitions that can lead to different interpretations, I will quote a few to show how relevant it is to create an image, of what or what is proposed to be public, that is, that access is possible for many people.

“A brand is the result of a meaning determined through a value association in a relationship between people, brands and services.” Lucius Roses.

It is the way people interpret the things around them and assign meaning through a relationship.

Everything can be branded, products and services are known by name and, when associated with a meaning, gain value. For example, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Nike and Shein, just mentioning these names gives people an understanding of what they mean.

People are also brands when they are known by a name associated with a presumption of value and representativeness, as, for example, Carlos Massa Ratinho Jr, governor of Parana. If the reference was only to Carlos Massa, the association would be less understood by the public, but with the addition of Ratinho Junior, the association becomes faster and more complete, resulting in a brand.

There are still cases where names already have meaning and, regardless of any symbolic element to the creation of a brand, the mere mention of it already creates the necessary connection in the collective imagination. When we hear the name “Roberto Carlos”, a singer of highly successful romantic songs immediately comes to mind. This is due to its longevity and linear value relative to its name.

According to Niall Fitzgerald, Chairman of Unilever, the brand is an increasingly important deposit of trust as choices proliferate.

Thus, it is possible to understand that brands/people need to create a connection with people that allows them to recognize their positive significance in their lives. It is an existential relationship without an effective approach to people.

For this to happen, it is not enough just to have a name or a symbology, it is necessary to create value for people, who must have a position, an image, that is linked to the activity they carry out and, consequently, be important for the people. he lives.

A EMOTIONAL BOND created, can allow a relationship to last longer, ensuring renewed meaning in their careers.

One of the great challenges of an organization is to get recognition for what it creates to be perceived as relevant to people, which will lead to an emotional bond, which will ensure the timelessness of what it has set out to do.

Idea + action + perception + value = Bond

It all starts with the goal to be achieved, an idea capable of creating an emotion in people’s lives. Every relationship created assumes a positive experience, as the perceived benefit must be related to both. If this happens, there is a bond between the agents.

This relationship can break at any time, as long as it stops promoting what people understand as facilitators in life and turns into a feeling of insecurity, danger or meaninglessness.

Brands are the main asset of organizations and people, and it is necessary to constantly analyze and evaluate them to ensure that the existing connection is not interrupted, which would result in image suicide. This is what happens when brands stop listening to people and start imposing their own feelings or meanings. It is at this point that value fragmentation begins to occur and brands lose their relevance, quickly falling into a void.

It is not possible to promise something that is not later related to the delivered action.

In the following contents, we will discuss more about brands and concepts, and how they can perpetuate an image or not.

Prof. My. Lucio Olivo Rosas.
Master in Communication and Semiotics: Meaning of Media
University Professor and Market Intelligence Professional
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