Archa announces merger with HAUS and becomes the largest architecture platform

Andrea Sorgenfrei, head of PinÓ, and Raphael Tristão, CEO of Archa, at the announcement of the merger of HAUS with the architecture and decoration platform.| Photo: Disclosure/GazzConnecta

HAUS, one of the largest references in content about architecture and decoration in Brazil, announced this Wednesday (2) the merger with Archa, a technology company for architects and interior designers. With this move, Archa begins to manage the HAUS and Let’s Arch brands, becoming the largest platform for industry professionals and companies in Brazil.

Founded in 2017 by Raphael Tristão and his partner, Anna Rafaela, Archa specializes in market intelligence and uses technology to consolidate the architecture and design market on three fronts: professionalism, architect recruitment and product specifications.

With the launch, Archa also starts working on the niche content front in architecture, design and real estate.

“From this merger, we are going to integrate our technology and knowledge into the content that HAUS produces, expanding the possibilities for the customer, either by contacting the architect of the project depicted in a particular article or choosing one of the illustrated products” , comments Tristão, also CEO of Archa.

The deal complements the first round of investment brought by Archa to accelerate new technologies that facilitate the hiring of professionals and the purchase of products. The aim is also to extend nationally the coverage of architecture, planning and the real estate market resulting from a decade of evolution of this activity, which has been consolidated since 2015 by HAUS, which has since held a reference position among the most reliable producers content in the industry, nationally and internationally.

According to Andréa Sorgenfrei, head of PinÓ, spin-off of Gazeta do Povo, the merger brings great opportunities for those looking for specialized content in these segments, from consumers to commerce.

“This tie-up makes the coverage of the HAUS brands and Let’s Arch, a platform focused on management and education, even greater. Professionals and the end consumer win,” he points out.

Beware of the market

According to the head of PinÓ, the development of new businesses and opportunities has always been the goal of the Gazeta do Povo spin-off, founded at the end of 2019. The director of the GRPCOM (Grupo Paranaense de Comunicação) newspaper unit, Ana Amélia Filizola, believes that the operation represents a validation of PinÓ’s expertise in relation to these markets and in envisioning products, solutions and opportunities that take it to new heights.

“HAUS has grown beyond editorial boundaries, which justifies Archa’s interest and investment in the platform. One satisfaction we have is seeing it reach new markets and scales while still maintaining a relationship with Gazeta do Povo. Besides, the content produced by HAUS in the new structure will continue to be distributed by our vehicle and PinÓ will become part of Archa,” he adds.

Another important feature of the association of brands is the segmentation of advertising, which Tristão calls “smart advertising”: because it uses 3D product labels to connect the industry, architects and clients, from inspiration to the executed project, ensuring results for all parties.

Along with the HAUS acquisition, Archa also manages Let’s Arch, a community created by PinÓ focused on management and education for the fields of architecture and design.

“The business is creating a communication pillar at Archa. We were attentive to the move made by PinÓ to position itself at the forefront of the market with innovative initiatives. We saw there an opportunity to make history, creating an empowerment tool for architects that values ​​the profession through communication,” concludes the CEO of the technology company.

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