4 trends from the world’s largest craft fair

Mega Artesanal, the world’s largest exhibition of arts, crafts and crafts products and techniques, once again showcases decorating trends for artisans from across the country. Inspirations for the home are highlighted and show an appreciation for nature, a passion for the color pink and techniques that make any environment warmer, with an emphasis on items made with crochet, knitting and macrame. See more below:

Flowers and nature: connecting with the environment


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At Mega Artesanal, the appreciation for nature is made even more evident by the large number of flower-themed decorative items that use natural materials, such as sisal ropes, bamboo, elements of nature preserved in resin, embroideries that refer to flowers and animals. , native headdress and soft fabrics.

Barbiecore: The Charm of Pink

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The color pink, the dominant shade of this version, brings with it an atmosphere of charm and femininity. Several independent brands and artisans have embraced the color in their creations, resulting in products ranging from clothing and accessories to home decor.

Soft fabrics and smooth textures

Grandma’s outfit? None of these! Clothes made with crochet and knitting techniques are never out of style. Apparently, the techniques appear in weight in Mega Artesanal, just with the amigurumia sewing technique that has become a trend for decorating baby and children’s rooms.

Amigurumi pieces made by Arteliê da Vivi, exhibitor at Mega Artesanal 2023.

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“Each amigurumi piece has a different proposition. While some are designed only for decoration, such as the ones that use mobiles and rattles, others are already made for play. Children love to interact with the dolls and pets, mainly because some can be exchanged clothes, which is a lot of fun,” comments crafter and entrepreneur Emanuelle Souza. “It’s important to understand that amigurumi serves from newborn babies to older children. The most interesting thing is that we are talking about an emotional and completely unique game, which is completely different from an industrialized game,” he adds.

There is also the technique macrameused to create decorative objects that bring a natural and warm look to environments – the trend is so strong that it won an entire exhibition at Mega Artesanal.

Sustainability in focus

A strong point of all editions of the event is the concern for sustainability. The exhibition promotes the awareness of the importance of the responsible use of materials and the appreciation of circular economy products.

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“I started getting requests from people who saw my pieces and wanted them. Since then I started working with other materials that would end up in the trash, such as CDs, instant coffee cups, until I reached the point of signing a collaboration with an underwear factory, which produces tons of fabric waste every month and, precisely to reduce environmental impact, they donate some of this material so I can use it as rope in accessories,” explains the craftsman and entrepreneur. Lolly Kolta.

Service – MEGA ARTESANAL 2023

Date: July 28 to August 2, 2023

Location: São Paulo Expo – Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Km 1.5. Deep Water, Sao Paulo/SP

Opening hours: from 29/07 to 08/02, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tickets: R$40 (full) / R$20 (half) (until July 27). R$50 at the entrance

Restrictions: Children under the age of 12 are also prohibited from entering, except for infants up to 2 years of age

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